PS2 Emulator For PC

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PS2 Emulator For PC

If you wish to play PS2 games on your PC, you must download and install the PCSX2. This is a emulator, and it will work smoothly as long as your computer has the minimum requirements.

Everyone who is interested in video games has undoubtedly heard about the Sony PlayStation 2 console. Now, one can use a PS2 emulator and play the games specifically designed for this console on one’s computer. There are many games that are designed solely with the console in mind, and the fact is that if you don’t own one, then you can’t play these games.

You may be interested in acquiring one, because maybe, you feel that the console is not worth the amount of money it costs. Or maybe your console stopped working, and you are looking for a way to play all those expensive video games that you’ve bought. Or maybe you are simply interested in trying out some games, in order to see if buying the console is actually worth it. Either way, it is something that you will find extremely useful.

There is only one emulator that you can download for free off the Internet. This is known as the PCSX2. Finding it is not difficult at all, and the best part is that it is completely free. With its help, you can play all those games on your computer.

Vital Information

The PCSX2 can be used on Microsoft Windows as well as Linux. This is so advanced that you can play almost every game meant for this PlayStation on your computer without any glitches at all. The games will run absolutely smoothly from start to finish, and you will be amazed at the functionality of this tool. Earlier versions had many defects and many attributes of the game would not work, but with subsequent upgrades and firmwares, this plug-in works faultlessly now.

You must remember though, that the experience of playing these games on your computer will not be completely enjoyable, because simply put, these games are meant for the console. The speed of your computer may not be sufficient enough, the graphics card may be inadequate to support details, and you may even face problems while playing online. Using an emulator is simply a cheap substitute for the real thing. So, if you wish to completely enjoy these games, go ahead and invest in a console.

With the introduction of the Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, the cost of the PS2 has dropped considerably to as low as USD 100. This is certainly affordable for most people, and it is worth spending that money on.

System Requirements

You should be aware of the system requirements in order to make it run as smoothly as possible. You will need lots of speed, lots of memory, a very good graphics card, and an active Internet connection. The requirements can be listed as:

  • Operating System Windows XP/Vista or Linux 32bit/64bit
  • CPU in the range of Core 2 Duo 3.2GHz or better
  • Graphics Card GeForce 8600 GT or better
  • 1GB RAM (2GB for Windows Vista) or more

These are the recommended system requirements that you will need in order to enjoy the games smoothly. Anything less than these specifications will not work properly and will surely disappoint you.

PlayStation 2 BIOS

A very important component that you require in order to make this device work is the PlayStation 2 BIOS. Without this, it will be completely useless. Each console has a copyrighted binary BIOS on it, and you will need to obtain one of these to make this device function. When you download the PCSX2 from the Internet, you will also receive a tool that will allow you to ‘dump the BIOS’ of an existing console. This will help you transfer the BIOS information to your computer, and now you will be able to use the emulator. Borrow a friend’s console to get this BIOS information.

If you successfully manage to run the PCSX2 on your computer, try out some of the best games and enjoy the experience. Once you have realized that these games are unbelievable, go ahead and purchase a console for yourself.

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