Portable Printer Scanner

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Portable Printer Scanner

Do you want to buy the best portable printer scanner? If yes, then the following reviews will surely be helpful for you…

Most scanners come in combination with copiers/fax machine and printers. As we all are well aware, a printer/scanner is an essential office accessory. In case you have a limited space in your office or home office or if you have an office on the move, then a portable printer and scanner combo is all that you need. A portable printer scanner is not only useful but it also saves a lot of space. They are quite lightweight and hence you can easily carry them with you, while moving from one place to another. It is the reason why if you want a printer scanner for your laptop, then portable printer and scanner becomes an obvious choice for you.

There are a few things that you need to consider, before you purchase a portable printer and scanner. First of all, decide whether you want a Wi-Fi antenna connection, then also find out whether you are satisfied with the surface scanning area of the page. Most of the portable scanners provide 8 ½ x 11 or 9 x 13 inches scanning area, but some of them may also cause fuzzy edges. Hence, always make it a point to choose a printer scanner that offers larger surface area than you actually need. You need to understand that a printer scanner copier contains four ink cartridges and make sure to get a cartridge with an expiry date mentioned on it. You also need to check whether the printer scanner that you are purchasing is suitable for the operating system of your laptop computer. Here are some of the popular models of portable printer and scanner.

Canon BJC-55 Color Portable Printer Scanner

This is one of the best wireless printer and scanner which is portable and extremely lightweight. It is popular for its crisp color detailing and fast IrDA port for wireless technology. It produces about 5 pages per minute. It is often recommended that you should use the IS-12 scanning cartridge for excellent scanning results. One drawback of this product as we can mention here is that, you can feed only one page for scanning at a time and hence for faster scanning you need to buy a separate scanner. Average retail price of Canon BJC-55 Color Portable Printer Scanner is around USD 430, while you can get it for as little as USD 230 at some discount sites.

Visioneer RW120 RoadWarrior Patriot

This is a really lightweight and portable printer and scanner combo with weight of only about 10 oz. It easily fits into your laptop bag and if you require a printer scanner with its basic detailing, then Visioneer’s Roadwarrior Patriot is the ideal choice for you. It is the reason why it also ranks high in many multifunction printer reviews for portable printers. However, its resolution is about 600 dpi and it can provide 36 bit color scans. It is powered by easy USB connectivity and is supported by some of the world’s leading desktop and image management software companies. Average cost of Visioneer’s Roadwarrior Patriot is around USD 215.

Brother Dsmobile 600 Portable Scanner

If you are looking for the best printer scanner for your home office but have no space to place it, then you have many options available for you. One of the best of them all is the Brother Dsmobile 600 Portable Scanner. It looks similar to the Visioneer RoadWarrior and is quite efficient for printing and scanning too. It is a lightweight and small printer scanner, that you can place anywhere in your office or carry it in your laptop bag. It comes with great USB connectivity options and it is also suitable to use with Mac and other computer operating systems. It gives high resolution and fast printing speed as well. Average retail price of Brother Dsmobile 600 Portable Scanner is around USD 160, however, you can get it at USD 150 or less, at some discount sites.

If you specifically want to purchase portable inkjet printer scanner or portable laser printer scanner, then you need to narrow down your search accordingly.

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