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Portable Data Storage Options

Portable Data Storage Options

When one is constantly on the move and would not like to carry the laptop, one has to consider one of the convenient to carry data storage options, so that data can be carried around. There are many options one can choose from depending on the quantity of data that needs to be carried.
Bhakti Satalkar
It is portable data storage which has made it easy for data to be carried without having to carry the laptop or the computer. One can say it with ease, that it is with the portative data storage options, mobility with data storage has been achieved. When the portable data storage devices were introduced, they were not only very bulky to look at or carry around, but they also did not have a large data storage capacity. However, they have also undergone a revolution now and they are not only stylish and lightweight, but come with large data storage capacity. Due to this, it has become possible to store the entire gamut of data from the personal computer on the external data storage drives. There are a number of devices, which can be used for the same.

Portable Data Storage Devices

Not only are the cartable data storage options used for carrying data around, but also for taking backup of data, as it is not really recommended, that the data be backed up on the system, where the system is actually located. It is always best to have the data backed up at a different locations.

Flash Drives
In the portable data storage reviews, it is the flash drives, which have the best reviews. They are commonly also known as USB drives. Not only are they very convenient to carry around, but they come with a large storage capacity (up to 64 GB) at a very affordable price. For the fashion conscious, they are available in different formats, like key chains, pens, etc. These drives are often used as an alternative to CD's or DVD's. The most important advantage of USB drives is that they can withstand rough handing. However, like everything has a flip side, there is a flip side of this data storage device. As compared to the other data storage devices, this device corrupts more faster, hence, it is not recommended to be used for long term storage option.

Compact Discs
When compact discs (CD) were introduced in the market, they were used for storing audio data only. Over a period of time and after a lot of re-engineering, along with audio and video other data can also be stored on these discs. The advantage of using these discs for storing data is that they can store data for a very long period of time. Data is stored in optical format in the compact discs. Very often computers are backed up using compact discs.

Digital Versatile Disc
Like in compact discs, data is stored in optical format on the digital versatile disc (DVD). This brings up the question, what is the difference between the compact discs and the digital versatile discs. It is the storage capacity of the digital versatile disc due to which it outshines compact discs. The DVD's can store six times more data as opposed to the CD's. Very often the DVDs are used for backup.

External Hard Drives
This is one of the important types of computer data storage devices. Unlike the previously mentioned two storage devices, data stored on this storage devices in the digital format. The hard drives come with a hard cover and shock protection feature. These hard drives are available in large storage capacity, due to which a person does not have to bother about not having a particular chunk of data, for the want of storage capacity.

Memory Cards
If you are looking for best portable data storage for your cell phones, camera, etc., then memory cards is what will suit the bill. They are very small in size about 1 inch. Sometimes, they can also be used for carrying data from the computer as well. It is the nature of the memory cards, due to which it is easier to move and share files. There is a disadvantage of using memory cards, but one has to be very careful, so that one does not misplace them.

Online Data Storage
One of the portable data storage options, which is rampantly used is online data storage. There are a number of services available online, where one can store not only store data, but also photos, etc. The storage capacity available depends on the services that one opts for. This option is often utilized by people, who are always on the move and would like to upload their photos for their loved ones.

Depending on the needs one has, one can opt for any one of the transportable data storage options. It is best to always a good idea to compare prices at different dealers, before one decides to buy any one of them. Along with the prices, do not forget the storage capacity as well. Having a device with larger storage capacity definitely does not hurt.