Pandora Radio Device

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Pandora Radio Device

Pandora radio is a hugely popular internet radio station that comes with a variety of features. Now, you can make use of several devices in order to enjoy it without accessing a PC with an active internet connection.

As the name suggests, a Pandora radio device lets you play songs from the extremely popular Pandora radio, and this is great news for music lovers. It has the ability to really divide opinion between users, so you will hear of some people absolutely loving it, whereas some people just cannot stand it. It all depends on your own personal perspective, and there are many reasons behind this mixed reaction. With this device though, now you can enjoy the features and the attributes of this marvelous radio station from any room that you want, without even having to connect to the internet. Since Pandora radio started out as an internet radio service, the fact that you can purchase a device that lets you play the music without the internet, speaks volumes about its popularity and acceptance.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you will need an active Wi-Fi connection in your home to make use of these devices. If such a connection exists in your home, you can simply turn them on and update your personally created web stations from these directly.

What is Pandora Radio?

It can be termed as an online music recommendation service that lets users create their own radio stations and playlists, based on their own preferences. The listener simply types the name of an artist he likes, and Pandora will play music by similar sounding artists, that will be extracted from its archives. As you give songs a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’ the service will keep altering your preferences and play as many songs as it thinks you would like.

This is an activity known as the Music Genome Project, and it lets users decide what they want to hear and then keeps changing the playlist based on the feedback from the listener. There is still some debate among people about the utility of this service, as some people just want to hear the music by the artist whose name they have entered. Pandora will never play music by that artist for you, thus enabling you to expand your horizons.

What are Pandora Radio Devices?

Until recently, all these features could only be enjoyed by accessing the Internet. Today, there are many devices and systems available in the market, that let one listen to the radio from anywhere in the house without accessing a PC, as long as there is an active Wi-Fi connection.

In fact, since March 2010, Pioneer has teamed up with Pandora radio and even started selling audio systems that play it in automobiles. This is an amazing achievement, and is really changing the way people listen to their music today. This device will cost you an exorbitant USD 1,200 though, but it is completely worth it, as it carries many other features as well. Along with serving entertainment and navigation purposes, this device will also detect an active Apple iPhone or Apple iPod Touch around, and alter its settings to match the settings of that device.

Here are some more devices that you can make use of in your home.

  • Panasonic Viera G25 Series Plasma TV
  • The Samsung BD-P1600, Samsung BD-P3600 and Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-Ray players
  • Chumby table-top radio
  • Grace Digital Innovator II (GDI-IR2000) table-top radio
  • Livio Radio table-top
  • Sonoro Elements W table-top radio
  • Sangean WFR-20 table-top
  • Logitech Squeezebox Radio
  • Roku Player
  • VUDU player
  • Sonos player

With the surging popularity of online music (due to an unlimited number of songs that can be heard), Pandora radio is really taking the Internet by storm. And, if you wish to enjoy this service without accessing a PC, you can make use of any of these now.

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