9 Online Virtual Reality Games Like Second Life

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9 Online Virtual Reality Games Like Second Life

Gaining access to an alternate 3D virtual reality creates a make-believe land where one can live a second time. What’s more, one can have complete control over the way events transpire, knowing that it is just a few mouse clicks away. It’s no surprise that games like Second Life are becoming rapidly popular. Techspirited has compiled a list of exciting games similar to Second Life, especially for those who are aficionados of virtual worlds.

A Bit About the Game…
Developed by San Francisco-based Linden Labs, Second Life was designed not as a game, but as an entire virtual universe aimed at modeling the real world in a virtual scenario.
Second Life has achieved a cult status. It has led to the national governments opening virtual embassies as also the in-game business success stories are being featured in magazines like Business Week. It is also being referenced in contemporary movies and TV series.

In 1992, Neal Stephenson’s path-breaking novel, Snow Crash, introduced the mind-blowing concept of a virtual 3D universe over the internet, called Metaverse. Since then, this premise, which has appealed to fans of cyberpunk, since its inception, has inspired a whole host of books, movies, and of course, simulations, that have evolved into contemporary MMORPGs, of which, Second Life is one of the most popular one.

Residents of this virtual world don the roles of “avatars“, ranging from human to inanimate objects. Players, like their online avatars, can interact with others using IM or voice, travel within the world, build relationships, exchange virtual currency, and participate in community activities.

However, for red-blooded gamers, one alternate universe is just not enough, and that’s why, we present an exclusive list of MMORPGs similar to Second Life.

The Best 3D Virtual Reality MMORPGs


Developer ActiveWorlds, Inc.
Platforms Available ActiveWorlds Browser for Windows 95 and above
Subscription Plan Free Registration, in-game purchase
Description ActiveWorlds is a 3D virtual sandbox where content is dynamically generated by users. In this game, players are given immense power; they are allowed to own an entire universe or individual worlds, explore them, and construct objects there.
They can travel around the virtual space, and also interact with other players via chat and voice.
Website http://www.activeworlds.com/


Developer Metaversum GmbH
Platforms Available Twinity Client Software for Windows
Subscription Plan Free Registration, in-game purchase
Description Twinity stands apart from other virtual reality-based MMORPGs because it creates an alternate version of existing cities. It currently, virtually represents Berlin, Miami, London, New York, and Singapore.
Besides this, fantasy worlds also exist in this game.
Players, called Twinizens, can visit virtual representations of real places, interact with other players, own apartments, businesses, and perform other real world tasks.
Since this game is currently in the open beta phase, users are allowed to develop animation and other software aspects of the game, and upload them to the server.
Website http://www.twinity.com/


Developer IMVU Inc.
Platforms Available Instant Messaging Client software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Subscription Plan Free registration, in-game purchase
Description With a focus on 3D chat (for example, if you chat with another player, your avatar and his/hers can interact in a 3D space such as a room or a coffee shop). IMVU is a virtual universe to meet people online.
It is also a vast marketplace for virtual goods.
Players can customize the avatar by dressing it up, and purchase locations, furniture for their apartment, and so on.
They can also travel through the virtual universe.
This game is meant only for players who are above 13 years of age because of the nature of its content.
Website http://www.imvu.com/

Entropia Universe

Developer MindArk
Platforms Available Entropia Universe Client Software for Windows
Subscription Plan Free registration, in-game purchase
Description A favorite of gamers who love the sci-fi genre, Enropia Universe offers a virtual universe, complete with a number of planets separated by space. Each planet possesses its own concept and content.
Just like their virtual avatars, players on every individual planet can interact with other players, participate in group activities like quests, hunt, trade, and much more.
Virtual items purchased on this portal have an exchange value in real currency.
Players can even travel across planets if they wish to enter a different environment.
Website http://www.entropiauniverse.com/


Developer Godrej Group
Platforms Available Unity Browser for Windows, Mac
Subscription Plan Free registration, in-game purchase
Description Focusing on gamers from India as the target audience, this game allows players to explore up to five virtual worlds, interact with other players, purchase virtual merchandise like clothing, attend virtual events like parties, play games, and complete quests.
Players can also customize the appearance of their avatar and the interior of their virtual living space in this game.
Website http://www.gojiyo.com/


Developer Kaneva, LLC
Platforms Available Kaneva Browser for Windows
Subscription Plan Free registration, in-app purchase
Description There are two aspects to Kaneva; on one hand it is a social networking, chat, and media sharing 2D portal, and on the other hand, it provides a virtual 3D environment, where members can create avatars, furnish their virtual living space, interact with other players in 3D, purchase virtual goods, and much more.
The striking feature of Kaneva is that it was the first website that enabled users to view YouTube videos in the 3D environment.
Website http://www.kaneva.com/


Developer Makena Technologies
Platforms Available There Client Software for Windows 2000 and above, Mac OS X
Subscription Plan Free registration, premium membership to access full features
Description There.com can be described as a 3D virtual world that members can explore just like their online avatar, and also can interact socially with other members via chat or by playing games.
Users can also purchase virtual items of clothing, furnish their virtual living space, or for other purposes.
The game is designed for users above the age of 13.
Website http://www.there.com/

Blue Mars

Developer Avatar Reality
Platforms Available Blue Mars Client Software for Windows, Mac OS, iOS
Subscription Plan Free registration, in-game purchase
Description Currently in the open beta phase, this game is set in Mars, now terraformed, in the year 2177.
Just like Second Life’s islands, there are a number of cities that players can explore like their virtual avatar.
All content is dynamically generated by users, and in fact, sufficient tools are provided to users who wish to contribute to developing the gaming experience.
Within the cities, players can interact with others or with game objects, shop, play games, and engage in other activities modeled on the real world.
Website http://www.bluemars.com/


Developer Onverse, LLC
Platforms Available Onverse Client for Windows, Mac
Subscription Plan Free registration, in-game purchase
Description A more user-friendly 3D virtual environment, Onverse doubles as a 3D social network as well, giving members the freedom to choose to be friends with any other member.
Like their online avatars, players can freely explore the 3D universe, where they can shop, play games, and hang out with their friends.
For those who are new to the game, the team of Guides, whose role is to moderate the community, can be approached.
Website http://www.onverse.com/

The marvels of modern technology and the infinite potential of human imagination make virtual, 3D MMORPGs, like Second Life, seem like an idyllic parallel universe. What’s more, physical distance is no longer a limitation when everyone is logged into the same internet. If you think about it, the potential of such portals to connect to the masses, irrespective of location, is truly immense. From news broadcasts to consulting a doctor or even obtaining technical support, you name it, it can be experienced better in a 3D virtual environment.

If not for anything else but at least to escape from daily stress, an alternate reality is always appealing. However, one should be mature enough to separate one’s actual life from its virtual representation, so as to not get carried away and lose track of reality.

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