Norton 360 Vs. Norton Internet Security – Which is Better?

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Norton 360 Vs. Norton Internet Security - Which is Better?

Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security are virtually similar antivirus packages, just that one has a few extra features. While the 360 is more than useful for regular users, the other is targeted towards power users. Let us take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these antivirus packages.

The First Windows Virus
In 1992, WinVer 1.4 became the first virus to target Microsoft Windows OS.

With Internet threats and malware infecting more and more computers daily, installing the best available computer security software suite has become essential for the average netizen. The interesting part is that there is no single best antivirus solution. There are many advanced and sophisticated software security suites available in the market, but neither of them can be stated as the best antivirus software. It is a matter of comparing user requirements vs. ease of use vs. detection rate vs. fake positives vs. resource usage vs. scanning speed vs. whatever you have in mind.

You get the point? Well, considering all the above points, one name that stands out and is a highly-acclaimed in the software security industry is Norton. And that’s why we, at Buzzle, have come up with a comparison of Norton 360 vs. Norton Internet Security―the two high-end feature-rich computer security software packages from Norton.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this comparison article are the writer’s own. Your mileage might vary.
Now, before I go ahead and list out the dissimilarities between these 2 security suites, let’s first see the features that they share.

The Common Features

  • Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 have a very high-definition update frequency of less than 15 minutes.
  • They also support silent mode (for uninterrupted gaming and movie-watching experience), cloud management, and scanning of Facebook feed.
  • Both can also keep hackers away from your system while protecting it from viruses, trojans, and other forms of malware.
  • Parents will find them as a useful tool for keeping a track their kids’ online activity.
  • Another common feature is Smart Startup Manager that enables spam filtering and reduces your computer’s startup time.

Norton 360 vs. Norton Internet Security: The Main Differences
Norton 360 is much more than being a normal computer security software. Not only does it carry out PC tuneup tasks, but it can also take a backup of your important content on 2 GB cloud storage, or to iPods, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. It also maintains a monthly log of the detected malicious software, file backups, and tuneup tasks.

Many of you might not be doing this housekeeping (you should do it), and the rest of you might be doing it manually, or using some other software.

Who should buy Norton 360?
People who don’t want to use too many software for malware protection and PC maintenance.

Buy Norton Internet Security if:

  • You are happy using some other software for PC backup and maintenance.
  • You can do these housekeeping tasks manually, and don’t want to spend the extra money for getting an all-in-one package.
Features Norton
Internet Security
Norton 360
Basic Protection
Pulse updates within every 5-15 mins
Fast scans
Silent mode
for uninterrupted entertainment
Manage your Norton on the cloud
Facebook protection
Advanced Protection
Detects and removes
trojans and spyware
Protection from hackers
and Internet worms
Faster PC startup
with Smart Startup Manager
Spam filtering
Detailed monthly report
Backup & Recovery
Backup to iPod, Blu-Ray disc, and HD-DVD
Online storage (2 GB)
Auto backup
Parental Control
Tracks kids’ online activity
Customer Support
Free tech support
over phone, email, and chat

If you are power user and can handle the basic PC tuneup tasks very well, then I wouldn’t recommend you to shell out extra money for buying Norton 360. On the contrary, if you want to automate everything and don’t want to be bothered about PC maintenance, then you should go for Norton 360.

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