Netbook Vs. iPad 2

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Netbook Vs. iPad 2

This article provides you with a comparison between a netbook and iPad 2, that may help you decide which is a better choice. By the time you are through this article, you will know how the iPad 2 compares with the best netbook computers.

The entry of Apple iPad confused many because of its unique features that are a cross between a netbook, a phone, a multimedia player and a tablet PC. It borrows many features from these devices but it cannot be classified into any of these device categories. If buying the iPad 2, is a thought that has taken root in your mind and you’re not sure whether a netbook would be a better choice instead, then keep reading ahead.

Netbook Vs. iPad 2 Comparison

Apple is known for coming up with out-of-the-box technological solutions. While it’s iPod and iPhone changed the media player and smart phone market forever, it’s different with the Apple iPad. It is a one of a kind device in the market. The Apple iPad 2 is something in between a smart phone and a netbook, with certain added facilities. Let us see how the newly released Apple iPad 2 fares against the netbook computers in the following lines. This will help you decide which among iPad 2 or netbook, would be the appropriate choice for you.


Apple iPad 2 has been a rousing success and sales are expected to exceed those of the earlier generation iPad. If you are among the ones who wish to get on the iPad bandwagon, consider its features compared to a netbook.

Marketed as a tablet media player plus PC, the Apple iPad 2 is a strange mix of features. It is equipped with Wi-Fi + 3G + bluetooth connectivity, with a dual core 1 GHz Apple A5 processor and 512 MB of RAM. It has storage capacities of precisely 16 GB, 32GB or 64 GB. All this comes with a 9.7 inch display touch screen and an installed Apple iOS. Its battery life is advertised to be close to 10 hours with Wi-Fi use.

You can access the iTunes store through this device and explore the rest of the facilities made available by Apple for iPhone and iPod. This successor of the highly successful first generation iPad is lighter by a few grams and thinner. A new feature are the twin cameras, which includes one front facing and another back facing one.

Now let us compare this with some of the best netbooks in the market today. Almost all netbooks are installed with the dual core Intel Atom N570 processor (1.66 GHz) which consumes less power compared to other Intel chips. Screen size is typically 10.1 to 11 inch with LED backlit screens. There is up to or more than 250 GB of hard disk space made available. It has Wi-Fi plus bluetooth connectivity with USB ports and other ethernet ports for Internet connectivity.

All this with a battery life of more than 10 hours! As you can see, features wise, a netbook offers more than what an iPad does. An iPad has no bluetooth ports and no facility for ethernet connectivity. Who needs a 3G connection anyway, when you have it on your phone? The iPad does not come with a conventional keypad.

You have to buy a separated USB keyboard that could be attached with it. Think about it. If you make a comparison, the netbook is certainly superior, with more RAM than the iPad and a better processor. To conclude, the iPad is not a netbook killer and no substitute for it. When you consider the specifications comparison, it’s a no-brainer!


The prime difference is the cost factor. Let us compare average netbook costs with Apple iPad cost. While some of the best netbooks have a price around $300 to $400, a 64 GB Apple iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G) will cost you $829! The numbers say it all. Personally, I think that the Apple iPad is way too overpriced with features that you can get anyway in a netbook. Consider all the factors I’ve discussed before making a decision. Let ‘utility value’ decide which gadget would be the best choice for you, instead of ‘glamor’!

I would personally go for a netbook (in fact I have!) instead of an Apple iPad as I find it to be very convenient for my day-to-day work. Whatever be the Apple iPad’s appeal, it is certainly no substitute for a laptop. Netbooks are effective low cost alternatives with all bare essential features that you need in a laptop computer, with longer battery life as a bonus. If you ask me, Apple iPad 2 is a glossy, shiny, well designed and costly toy, which you can certainly do without! Still, people may have many reasons to get an iPad. If you worship Apple and have lots of money to spend, go for an Apple iPad as it’s quite a delight.

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