Must-know Tips to Get Celebrities to Follow You on Twitter

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Must-know Tips to Get Celebrities to Follow You on Twitter

If celebrities are following you on Twitter, it will not only help you to have a direct interaction with them but will also increase your popularity. This Techspirited article will give you some tips to get celebrities to follow you on Twitter.

My favorite people to follow on Twitter are… my fans. They make me laugh so much and keep me smiling. Ellie Goulding

There is no fun in boasting about the number of celebrities you follow, in fact, what really matters is how many of them follow you back. If you are wondering how to get celebrities to follow you on Twitter, this Techspirited article will surely help you out.

When we visit the Twitter account of a celebrity, we will see a zillion people trying to get their attention in order to make them follow their accounts. However, the key to getting a celebrity to follow you on Twitter is to make your posts stand out, and to time them appropriately. An easier way to get the celebrities to notice you is to tweet a response to their tweets as soon as they have tweeted. This will ensure that they notice you, as they are more likely to be online at that time. If they like what you have tweeted, they will definitely follow you back.

Also, if you tweet something exciting about a trending topic, it can help you to get a lot of visibility. There are chances that it will get retweeted and even favored by others. You may also utilize the same hashtags used by the celebrity, and promote them. Here are some must-know tips to get celebrities to follow you on Twitter.

Choose a Celebrity

You need to find a celebrity on Twitter who is not only one of the most followed, but also takes efforts to follow others. If one celebrity’s ‘following’ list reads 10,000 plus followers, while the other’s shows a not-so-happening number of 200, you would know whom to follow. Also, try to follow a celebrity who interacts not only with people who are known to her/him, but also with the fans. You can find this out by looking at the timeline. If she tweets to people she does not know, there are chances that she may interact with you personally through her tweets or may even follow you.

Find the Real Celebrity

First of all, you will have to search for her genuine account from a number of fake Twitter accounts that all claim to belong to the celebrity. Genuine Twitter accounts have a Verified Account Badge which is denoted by a small white tick in blue flower-like circle near the name displayed on the profile. This will help you know that it is a real celebrity account. Also, most of the time, the Twitter accounts of celebrities are operated by their PR machinery, so it is essential that you find the celebrity’s true account, and not the one operated by her staff.

Gain Her Attention

I hope you do realize that you will not be the only one trying to draw your favorite celebrity’s attention on Twitter. There will be many others trying to do the same, and all this will go in her Twitter feed. So, only writing, ‘NOTICE ME, I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN’ in bold and capital is not going to help. She has probably read this in her Twitter feed a billion times already. You need to be unique, funny, and witty in your tweets to gain her attention. If you use hashtags that are trending, or tweet about something that the celebrity has recently tweeted, she will definitely notice you.

Display Your Support

If the celebrity is endorsing some cause, like a go-green drive, anti-fur campaign, or an AIDS awareness campaign, try to retweet her tweets and the links, images, or videos which she has shared. You can even promote the same hashtags used by her. This will prove to her that you are a genuine fan, and it will gain enough attention to make her follow you.

Create an Image

Suppose there are two people who want the celebrity to follow them on Twitter. One has a decent profile photo and an interesting bio which says, ‘Likes being a follower, but absolutely loves being followed’. While the other exhibits an almost pornographic photo with a bio that says ‘Celebrity stalker, lunatic, and a recovering sex addict’. Which one do you think the celebrity will want to follow? Of course, the first individual, as he comes across as a person without any potential threat to her life or reputation. It is important that your Twitter account profile and your tweets speak of you as a friendly and approachable person.

Be Unique and Witty

In order to gain attention of the celebrity, do not indulge in too much of flattery. Try to post unique and witty tweets which will get her attention. If you keep on tweeting stuff like, ‘You are the most beautiful actress ever’, it will be nothing new that the celebrity hasn’t heard earlier. Try to be intelligent in your tweets. If the celebrity in question has played an icon in a latest biopic, you may tweet that, ‘This film is your answer to people who didn’t give you an Oscar last year. This year, you will bring the trophy home.’ Whatever you do, try to make your tweets stand out. This will get the celebrity interested. If you can make her laugh and hold her interest, she is sure to follow you back.

Don’t Creep Her Out

Whatever you do, don’t act like a creepy celebrity stalker. Keeping your username @youareallmineparis or @wanttobenearyouparis, is certainly not going to impress Paris Hilton. Any celebrity who finds such extreme fan fascination that borders on obsession, will be quick to remove you from her followers list. Choose usernames that are easy to read and seem friendly. Also, remember that tweeting nasty comments about her photos or tweets may help you to get the celebrity’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

Know What is Common

You should know what is common between you and the celebrity, it can be anything-same city, birthplace, university, piercing, etc. Try to bring this aspect in your interaction.

It will also help you immensely if you know what your favorite celebrity likes to tweet about. Things like her pet dog, fashion, makeup or even a charity cause can be her favorite topics. You will then have to retweet these tweets, or even tweet on similar topics. For example, if she tweeted about a pet adoption drive, try to promote it through your Twitter account. This will surely impress her, and she may follow you back.

Flattery Works Wonders

Everyone likes it when their ego is boosted, specially celebrities. So indulge in some honest praises to make her happy. Tell her that you loved her last movie. While complimenting the celebrity will impress her, overdoing it may cause her to think that you are a psycho. This may even lead her to remove you from her followers list. Suppose the celebrity gets a new tattoo and posts a pic of it. Tweet that the tattoo looks cool, and you are planning to get a similar one too. If you keep appreciating every other tweet, pic, or activity of the celebrity, there may come a time when she will feel more irritated than happy about it. Also, try to compliment her in different words, every time you want to.

Time Your Tweets

Being a celebrity, she may be getting messages from many people in her Twitter feed. Hence, it becomes important that your tweets are strategically timed, such that the celebrity may be online at the time and may reply to it. I know, you don’t have time to keep a tab on when your favorite celebrity posts maximum number of tweets. So, use Twit’O’Clock to get this information. It is a web app which lets you know what time of the day a person you are following is active on Twitter. This will help you to time your posts, so that the celebrity can notice them. You can even utilize the BufferApp for pre-loading your tweets and scheduling them, if you are not be able to tweet due to some reason.

Have an Engaging Conversation

If your celebrity is promoting her new music tour on Twitter, try to have a conversation with her about it. Tell her that you can’t wait to attend the concert, and fans in your city are waiting eagerly for her to visit. She may respond by saying that she is also looking forward for the same. You may then wish her luck. This kind of positive interaction will help her to notice you. However, avoid giving unnecessary suggestions to the celebrity about her looks, behavior, or tweets.

Request Her to Follow You

Once you have the attention of the celebrity, and get a response from her, thank her for the same. Put it across in subtle words that you would appreciate if she would follow you on Twitter. However, remember that you should word your request carefully, and it should not sound threatening or imposing at all. If she obliges, don’t forget to thank her once again.

Interact with Other Fans

Try to have an interaction with the other fans of the celebrity, by replying to them or retweeting their posts. Try to bring up positive conversations about the celebrity. This will also flood the Twitter stream of the celebrity. It will make her take notice of you, and there are chances that she may even follow you back.

Apart from this, remember that always tweet consistently, and don’t forget to keep it interesting. However, ensure that you focus on quality of the tweet and not on its quantity. Don’t spam the celebrity’s account or she will unfollow you immediately.

Now that you know how to get a celebrity to follow you on Twitter, implement these tricks appropriately to see the results. In spite of doing all this, if a celebrity does not follow you, don’t get disheartened. There are plenty of other celebrities on Twitter whom you can try to impress.

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