Must-have iPhone 4 Accessories

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Must-have iPhone 4 Accessories

After almost an eternity of lusting for the iPhone 4, what else is it that you must have? iPhone 4 accessories! Flirt around with the following playthings for your darling iPhone.

Phew! Finally this thing is in your hands. This amazing gadget called the Apple iPhone 4 is nothing less than a revolution for masses, and why not? It combines everything from a phone to iPod, and most importantly, an Internet extravaganza. Now that you’ve laid hands on the iPhone 4, why not enhance, or should I say, adorn it with a number of accessories that keep your phone’s ‘dignity’ intact? To follow are the top 5 add-ons that give an extra ‘edge’ to your phone. Considering all the iPhone 4 network problems, these accessories are carefully picked up for enhancing signal reception, and users’ convenience. Take a whack.

Top 5 Must-have Accessories for Apple iPhone 4

So, what do you think can be the top 5 accessories that not only suit your darling iPhone, but also enhance its performance? Well, the following 5 add-ons-you-cant-afford-to-miss for your iPhone 4 are enough to enhance the Apple experience, and are the best accessories that one can have.

iPhone 4 Bumpers

Are you clumsy? Do you keep dropping your phone every now and then? I can vouch on being one of the clumsiest people in the world. So, for gawky people like us, iPhone 4 bumpers come with a variety of casings, to not only add to the beauty of your iPhone 4, but also help in keeping it safe and sound. The international retail price of an iPhone 4 bumper is around USD 29, but Apple is giving away these for free to current iPhone purchasers. However, the probability that the offer is still valid is tentative.

Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

Miss no single detail of any song that you listen to, on your iPhone 4, as these fantastic earphones with remote and mic give an all new experience of listening to music. The controls are extremely convenient, and easy to use. Do not compare them with any other usual headphones, as these are supported by only Apple products such as iPods and iPads, along with the iPhone series. You can get these earphones for as little as USD 29.

iPhone 4 Dock Connector

This one gives away extra ports for charging and syncing your iPhone 4. Along with charging ports, it also has an audio line out port for establishing easy connection with power speakers. You can also connect it with the Apple USB power adapter and AV cables for easy charging and syncing from all outlets. The maximum retail price of this accessory is USD 19.

Bluetooth Headset

So, if you’re not too fond of using those mundane wired earphones for your iPhone 4, tip your hand at the phenomenal Bluetooth headset that Apple offers you. The headsets in this range are extremely portable, and give you all the freedom you need from those cables et. al. Now, whether you’re working out, running, or driving, these Bluetooth headsets make your job extremely easy. However, in comparison to other accessories, they may be a bit heavy on your pocket. You can fetch these Bluetooth headsets for somewhere between USD 100 to USD 150.

Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger

This is one heck of an accessory for your iPhone 4, due to its portability and usability. The Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger is equipped with a decent cigarette lighter adapter, and a much powerful 2 Amp charging configuration to power up your iPhone 4. What’s more, its dock cable works with the device with ease. It’s safe, protective, and easy-to-charge. Precisely, this one has everything you need as an enviable accessory for your iPhone 4. And oh, the price? It’s just USD 24. Lucrative, isn’t it?

To follow below is a list of some funny accessories that you can buy for your iDevice. Funny? Yeah, go through them, and you’ll end up laughing hard. Come on, the iPhone 4 is the gadget of the decade, after all!

  • iPhone Thongs: For everything that’s iPhonic
  • iPhone Wood Case: Encase your Darling Inside
  • iPhone Privacy Screen: For Secrecy Fanatics
  • iPhone Fingers: Touch me Soft
  • iPhone Screen Wipe: Wipe n’ Rub
  • iPhone T-shirts: Wear iPhone, Bear iPhone
  • iHand: Hold me Now
  • Hello Kitty iPhone Case: For the Girly Girls
  • iPhone Retro Cassette Cover: A ‘Retroriffic’ Affair!
  • Duct Tape: I refuse to Pay for the Case!

Now you know why is this gadget called one-of-its-kind. So, make a run at all, and tell me… which, according to you, is the best addition to your iPhone?

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