Music Apps for iPhone

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Music Apps for iPhone

This article lists some of the best music apps for the Apple iPhone, that will transform your iPhone into the ultimate music machine.

There are thousands of apps available in the Apple app store. And the number of music apps is also very big. So it was very difficult to fit the best ones in one article. Here I have listed some of the best music applications for iPhone. There are also many third party apps for the iPhone but in this article I have focused only on the ones available in the app store.


Pandora radio is your own personalized radio service. This application is based on the Pandora web based service. You can set customized radio stations using this app, just like in the web application. You can also bookmark and share this station with your friends. It is a great way of finding new artists, songs, albums etc., and to top it all off, it is completely free.


This is one of the best offbeat applications. It lets you make your own music patterns and loops with just a single touch. Moreover, you don’t need exceptional creativity to create music with this cool app, because it creates these patterns on its own. The user interface is beautiful and creative.


Here is another very innovative application. With this app you can easily recognize the name and other details about a song, by just holding out your phone in front of the source where the song is being played. It also lets you buy that song and share it with your friends on Facebook, twitter, etc., and it is totally free for download.


I cannot think of any other music application that is as useful as Cleartune. It lets you tune any of your music instruments using your iPhone. The interface lets you select the proper note for which you want to tune your instrument, but your iPhone needs an external mic, for this app to work.


This application transforms your iPhone into a guitar. You can even choose what kind of a guitar you want to play. You have a wide range of options like bass guitar, electric guitar, etc,. and it costs you just $0.99. It is a must have for any guitar lover.

Concert Vault

This little app gives you an entire world of live concerts on your iPhone. This vault has live recordings of music concerts from around the world. It contains concerts for various genres of music. The access to the concerts and the app, both, is completely free.

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