Multimedia Presentation Ideas

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Multimedia Presentation Ideas

A multimedia presentation allows you to add many advanced features to your presentation so that it becomes more effective. In this article, you will find some ideas for a multimedia presentation.

A multimedia presentation is a presentation, which includes more than one medium, such as text, graphic, audio, visual, etc. It allows you to effectively communicate with your audience. The various features provided by a presentation software add to the learning and understanding of the audience. Microsoft Powerpoint is a great tool for creating effective multimedia presentation. However, to deliver an effective presentation one must know how to use the features provided with the presentation software. Implementing some innovative multimedia presentation ideas can further make your presentation more entertaining.

Creative Ideas for Multimedia Presentations

Adding Basic Features

  • A template is a very useful design tool provided by Microsoft. A readymade template design takes away all the efforts of designing a template on your own. Thus, you can now concentrate more on your content.
  • The templates provided by Microsoft are designed by professional graphic designers. They are designed in such a way that they give a very appealing look to your slides, without detracting the viewers from the content of the slide.
  • A subtle design provides just enough visual impact as required. You can find more user designed templates on Microsoft website.
  • Third party vendors also put their templates for sale. No matter what template you decide to use, always make sure the background color is soothing to the eyes.
  • The font color should be chosen according to the color of the slide. Powerpoint comes with a slide master so that you are relieved of choosing the color, font etc of the slide. Those who know how to use Powerpoint will find another useful feature offered by Powerpoint, an ‘outline view’, which enables you to plan your slide.
  • You can rearrange your slides by simply dragging and dropping the title and content of the slides. Besides, you can also import file outlines in plain text or Rich Text from other programs.

Adding Advance Features

  • Advance multimedia features such as animation, sound and video clips, photos, etc., add a great entertainment value to your presentation.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint allows you to import sound, image or video files from other programs and applications.
  • The main aim of these features is to emphasis the important point of your discussion. Your audience is more likely to remember a 15 second animation than a 500 words explanation for the same.
  • Similarly, audio, video clips can also keep your audience engaged in your presentation. Using hyperlinks in your presentation is also one of the most useful multimedia presentation ideas.
  • However, limit the use of special effects in your presentation, as it can become distracting or even annoying at times. For business presentations, slide transitions, or sound effects aren’t considered appropriate.
  • If you must, keep them simple. Another important thing to remember is that special effects should assist the content of your presentation and not become the content itself. Hence, you must never compromise on the quality of the content of your presentation.
  • While preparing for a multimedia presentation, start planning well before the time. Develop a theme or concept for each slide and draft content accordingly.
  • Sequence the content and the slide so that your presentation follows a structured flow. Do not over-stuff your slides with too much of content. Only emphasize on the key points.
  • You can elaborate these points later, while you talk. Rehearse your presentation well, so that you don’t mess up at the last moment.
  • There is no need to learn the content by heart, simply remember the key points and elucidate them in your own words. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make while giving a presentation is reading aloud the content from the slide.

Planning gives you the confidence required to make a successful presentation. So, plan beforehand and give a great performance.

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