MacBook Pro Accessories

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MacBook Pro Accessories

MacBook Pro accessories are the materials required for better utilization of the laptop and to protect it while traveling or using it for different purposes. In short the accessories provide the much-needed care for your MacBook Pro. Have a look.

Apple released their new MacBook Pro models in April 2010. There were many rumors associated with the launching program, but Apple finally tasted success with MacBook Pro update, which was much more efficient than the products released before. This line of laptop has replaced PowerBook G4 and the recent version of the software is compatible with different models of MacBook Pro. The three models come under 13, 15 and 17 inch screens. In order to enjoy the facilities of MacBook Pro completely, you need to carry all the necessary accessories with it.

Essential MacBook Pro Accessories

The website of MacFriends is totally dedicated to help its customers in procuring all Apple accessories. You will find MacBook Pro accessories to be of the best quality. The best accessories belong to the brand Apple, that offer a gamut range of devices and equipment meant for complete care of MacBook Pro. Here are some of the essential accessories that you must carry along with you.

MacBook Air Case

It has a traditional get up and was first used by Steve Jobs. The models are quite sophisticated. Products from Isis, Belkin Neoprene, InterOffice, Marware, Brenthaven and Case Logic are also of good quality. A neoprene sleeve looks sensuous. Incase and Marware also manufacture good quality MacBook sleeves.

MacBook Cases

MacBook cases or sleeves are found in multiple colors and different fashions. This MacBook backpack is a durable case for MacBook Pro. The quality brands are Brenthaven, Marware, Belkin and Case-Mate.

MacBook Keyboard Covers

Keyboard covers protect keyboards from dust and dirt. iSkin silicon board protectors protect the laptop from accidental spill of oil, drinks or any other food items. MacFriends offers a wide range of Marware keyboard covers.

Mobile Power Adapters

This is the most important of all MacBook Pro accessories. Until you carry the adapters with you, you won’t be able to connect the charger to the plug point and charge your laptop. MacFriends power adapters are compatible with almost all varieties of MacBook models.

Mobile Batteries

Laptop batteries should be replaced after a certain period. In case you need to change the MacBook Pro battery, you can purchase it from MacFriends store and get a 100% compatible product for your Apple laptop.

Mobile Miscellaneous

The miscellaneous accessories from MacFriends make your laptop more functional. They include laptop stands for better support and MacAlly screen protectors for protecting the laptop screen from dirt and dust. Belkin laptop security cable, Case-Mate PowerBook and MacBook handles are some other devices required for Apple laptops.

PC Cards

Express Card or PCMCIA Cardbus extension expand the capability of mobile Mac. You can even add an extra USB port, network connectivity or firework port to your MacBook Pro. Griffin, Belkin, MacAlly, D-Link and MacSense offer such high quality PC cards.

Apple Remote

A simple Apple remote helps you to control different functions of Apple computers at the same time. You can sync the remote to MacBook Pro. This way you can simultaneously watch movie trailers in Front Row or from iTunes and listen to music as well.

Wireless Mouse

The best available mouse compatible with MacBook Pro is Logitech MX Revolution. It is perfect for the user and the computer, which has a docking station for the mouse. The most attractive feature is its hyperscroll capability and multiple user-friendly buttons.


Other devices like external hard drive, wireless bluetooth keyboard and speakers (Logitech z5500 5.1 Speakers) are also essential for MacBook Pro. If you want better memory space, opt for 500 GB or 5400 RPM Western Digital Scorpio Hard Drive. To upgrade the product you can even carry external memory chips. You must also purchase a vacuum cleaner kit for cleaning your laptop.

You can maximize the utilization of your MacBook Pro with all these different types of accessories. Purchase the best brands from Mac Stores or go for assembling products from other reputed brands.

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