List of Screen Names

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List of Screen Names

Have you generated a new profile on the Internet and are looking for screen name ideas? Then, search no further, since here is a list of screen names, along with wonderful ideas.

In our day-to-day life, we hesitate from expressing our actual opinions on certain issues, since we fear about the reactions of people around us. But, it’s not the same on the Internet, since a screen name makes the whole thing anonymous. Whether it’s an online dating forum or an online chat room, you can talk to strangers and exhibit your views about particular issues without fearing the consequences. So, if you are new to the Internet or online chatting, it is necessary that you know what a screen name is.

What is a Screen Name

It is basically the identification of an individual on the Internet. It’s mostly a fake name of the person by which he/she communicates with other users on the Internet, but it is not mandatory that every user should have one. But when you are going online, it is always better to hide your identity.

Creating a Screen Name

This is a very easy job and you can create a nice screen name with some easy tips and suggestions. Though it may be a fake identification, this name represents “YOU” on the Internet. So, while creating a one, make sure that it reflects your personality. For example, if you are a die-hard fan of rock or hip hop music, then create a screen name that will portray your love for music. You can even generate these names by using movie titles or names of famous celebrities. One more idea is to use your zodiac sign. These make some of the coolest screen names, for example, emma_cancerean.

You may even go for cartoon characters of superheroes and generate a funky one for yourself, or you may create one by combining the names of characters of a book that you read recently. A screen name can also include numbers, and you can use your birth date or lucky number in it. Given below are a few sample screen names.

  • prince_of_persia
  • dark_knight
  • cool_guy
  • dragon_flames
  • cute_kitty
  • john_hunk
  • brown_eyed_damsel
  • knuckle_head
  • dr_droom
  • geek_guy
  • blue_bell
  • hummingbird
  • baby_face
  • pee_wee
  • candy_cane
  • curly_locks
  • mommas_boy
  • pumpkin_pie
  • poodle_puff
  • periwinkle_twinkle
  • denace_menace
  • tootsie_toot
  • eccentric_aquarius
  • shy_virgo
  • reliable_taurus
  • selfless_pisces
  • jovial_saggitarius
  • sensitive_cancer
  • flirty_gemini
  • balanced_libra
  • reserved_capricorn
  • spidy_tidy
  • sugar_cube
  • footballfreak_frank

The list is quite long and the one above is only a short collection of some of the creative screen names. So, if you want to change or create a new screen name, then use the ideas above and come up with a unique one.

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