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List of Good Twitter Names to Choose From

Thinking of a good twitter name for days on end and nothing seems to click? This Buzzle article has just the thing for you, an extensive list of Twitter names that you can choose from.
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If you're going to be using your Twitter account for professional reasons, always opt for a formal name instead of a funny or silly one.

If anyone knows just how important a name is, it most definitely has to be the people with expertise in handling the very many forms of social media―Twitter being one of the most popular of them all. So then, finding the best twitter name is what will, to a large extent, determine your success and popularity, and that leaves little to the wonder why finding a clever Twitter name is one of the prerequisites even before one joins this social forum. Which is wherein lies the problem, isn't it? How does one come up with a good name?

While most people use a form of their name in the Twitter world, there are others who steer clear of that altogether, preferring to find something quite far removed. To do away with this confusion, in this Buzzle article, we will provide for you a list of awesome Twitter names that you can use just as they are, or draw inspiration from the same and formulate some of your own.

Best Twitter Names for Guys

The Biscuit Man
Gingerbread Boy
Bubble Wrap
Brad Pity
The No Man
Karma Chameleon
Traffic Jammer
App Wipe
Angry for More
Love Muffin
Bull Shot
Love Me Do
Manly Man
Shades of Grey
Bitchy Rich
Prince of Charming
Banana Hammock
Face Palmer
Lord of Mud
Greek God
Romeo Must Sigh
Lord Baldymort
Here's Baldo
Net Freak
Pill Head
Brain Dread
Boredom Personified
Genius General
Jack in the Box
The Godfather
Err Mah Gawd
The Dark Knight
I Am You
Passive Aggressive Teddy Bear

Cute Twitter Names for Girls

Princess Consuela
Sugary Cake
Awesome Blossom
This is Suzie
Miss Bloomingdale
Classy Missy
Miss Pitter Patter
Doll House
Charlie's Angel
Silly Pie
Ruby Lips
This is Peachy Keen
Peppermint Kisses
Chocolate Fountain
Marshmallow Honey
Kitty Melody
Glitter Goddess
Raggedy Ann
Miss Pocahontas
Flower Power
Little Miss Sunshine
Scarlet Love
Emerald Princess
Heart Doodles
Orange-haired Vixen
Butterscotch Marshmallow
Madam Cookie Jar
Lavender Dreams

With this extensive list to do your calling, there will be no dearth of Twitter names to choose from. What's more, even if you don't pick one of these names, you can always draw inspiration from these and come up with something of your own. Let the name choosing begin.
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