Kinect Fitness Games Comparison

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Kinect Fitness Games Comparison

There are a multitude of games of various genres for the Xbox’s motion-sensing controller. One unique genre is fitness or exercise games, which allow you to work out at home with your Kinect. To see which game titles are fitness friendly for the Xbox Kinect, scroll below.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012

(Manufacturer: Ubisoft; Price: $45)

The right exercise program is one that is fun and customizable, accounting for varied tastes, as well as challenging. This fitness title promises a workout like no other, due to its immense amount of activities. You can stretch yourself in the Yoga activity or pound away in the Cardio Boxing activity. Tired of working out? Then dance your calories away with the dance class feature. Choose between a variety of dancing styles from Bollywood and African to Latin. Target specific areas of your body with exercise programs specially designed for abs, legs, back and other body parts. You can tailor your workout based on your fitness goal and strength level. You can even get your kids to work out with fun active games like Wallbreaker and Stack ’em. The superb tracking system of the Kinect monitors your exercise and provides feedback while you exercise, like a real trainer. This title is an excellent successor to the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved title.

The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

(Manufacturer: THQ; Price: $50)

Are you inspired by the contestants of The Biggest Loser to lose some weight? With this Kinect title, you can exercise with the experts of the hit TV show, such as Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, for a very interactive and intense workout experience. Ten preset fitness programs (Boot Camp, Belly Buster) are available or you can create your own custom program from scratch. Up to 125+ exercises and motions can be performed in 6 different environments from the TV show. You can record your progress daily by making a video diary. Your posture, workout progress and stamina are intricately monitored by the motion tracking system. You can set the timing of your workout and the body scan feature measures your body accurately to establish a benchmark for your workout. This title also helps you with your nutrition and diet with the built-in calorie counter, diet tips and 50 recipes from the Biggest Loser Cookbook. All in all, a very dynamic and feature-packed fitness game for the Kinect.

Zumba Fitness

(Manufacturer: Majesco; Price: $50)

The whole world seems to be crazy about the Zumba fitness program and dance form. To confirm its popularity, it even has a Kinect game title. For those who like dance-aerobics style of exercise or something out of the ordinary, or if you like to do the Zumba, then this is your game title. Up to 4 players, online and locally, can Zumba together in a group, or have a dance off. With 4 players locally, you will need a LOT of room to play. There are 30 routines to work out through, with professional Zumba trainers as guides. Learn how to do the Salsa, Flamenco or Mambo; up to 9 different dance styles are available. You can choose your skill level and dance away. This game title is ideal for those new to Zumba, for an easy learning experience, or pros who want to Zumba at home.

EA Sports Active 2

(Manufacturer: Electronic Arts; Price: $45)

EA is famous for its sports titles like FIFA, so their fitness title for the Kinect, promises a lot. This title takes fitness gaming to a new serious level. For starters, a heart rate monitor is included with the game. So you can wear the monitor on your forearm and track your heart rate on screen. Customize your workouts by setting difficulty levels and using actual exercise patterns. With full body tracking, courtesy of the Kinect, you can see yourself move on the screen. The game works at your pace and if you lag behind, it waits for you to catch up. Visual and verbal descriptions of each exercise are provided. There’s even a 9 week program designed by fitness experts for a committed workout experience. If you are bored with just routines, play some fun games like boxing, or dodgeball. You can mix and match workout routines with games and can download new workouts to your Kinect by connecting to Xbox Live.

UFC Personal Trainer

(Manufacturer: THQ; Price: $50)

Sometimes basic exercises like squats and push-ups can get mundane. For a different workout regime, that will push your endurance and discipline your body, how about martial arts? UFC offers an exercise regime of mixed martial arts (MMA) moves and techniques, approved by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Up to 70 exercises from various disciplines (kickboxing, Muay Thai) are available. You can customize your workout routine, increase and decrease the intensity of the workout and set personal goals to achieve in 30 or 60 days. Feedback and training as you exercise, is provided by the in-game UFC trainers and fighters. The Hit the Mitts feature allows you to spar with popular UFC fighters in agility and rhythm drills.

So that was a Kinect fitness games comparison, to help you workout at home. The motion gaming, controller-less playing style, has made the Kinect, the ideal gaming peripheral for fitness games. While the trend of such titles was started by the Wii, the Xbox Kinect seems to have made a name for itself in this genre, with interesting titles and impressive graphics quality. If you are not a fan of rigid exercising and steps, then check out Kinect dance titles, like Michael Jackson: The Experience and Dance Central.

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