How to Repair an iPod with Water Damage

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How to Repair an iPod with Water Damage

Following some basic iPod water damage repair tips would help prevent further damage to the media player.

There may be times when your precious Apple iPod was exposed to some moisture, or worse, water itself. What can be done in such a situation? Unlike mobile phones, most iPod models cannot be opened up for drying out the device. However, there are few tips that can be followed. Considering these tips will help you prevent more serious damage to the inner parts.

Water Damage Indicator

According to claims from Apple Computers, liquid damage to the multimedia device is not covered in Apple’s one (1) year limited warranty or the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP). In order to find out if users have really dropped the iPod in water or exposed it to damageable moisture, the manufacture has implemented an automated technology in Apple iPhone and iPod models produced after 2006.

This technology is referred to as Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI). These water damage indicators are housed in the base of the headphone jacks of most iPods. In case there is water damage, the base of the headphone jack turns full or half red. This lets the engineers decide if the problem is a factory defect or the user’s fault.

Water Damage Repair

The first and foremost thing that you need to do with a wet iPod is to turn it off and engage the hold button. If it is off, do not make the mistake of turning it on. Trying to do so may damage the internal circuitry. Take the iPod and remove visible water and wetness off the surface. Check if there is water in the dock connector, headphone jack, and on the buttons; and dry the player as soon as possible. Now you will have to keep the iPod for drying for a few days in a warm place.

You may keep it on a TV or a computer monitor for all the water to dry out. Keep it warm, but make sure the iPod does not overheat, which will do more damage. You can additionally use a hair dryer to get rid of the moisture in the media player. However, do not turn the setting of the hair dryer on high. You can even use the rice method; take a bowlful of rice and keep the iPod covered completely in it for few days.

After a week, you can try to turn on the player. But first be convinced that the water and moisture has dried out completely. Most of the time the iPod will turn on and work normally, but if it doesn’t, you will then have to take it to an Apple authorized dealer. This is what all you can do from your side. If there are some more issues, the repair professional will have to deal with the problems technically. You can also try to get the iPod repaired from a specialized technician in the locality.

To prevent any accidental water damage, it is suggested that you use an underwater iPod case. Some users do purchase an extended warranty from third party entities such as the retailer. Check if this warranty has any provisions for water damage expenses.

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