iPod touch Screen Replacement

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iPod touch Screen Replacement

A broken screen is one of the worst things that could happen to your multimedia player. For instructions on iPod touch screen replacement, keep reading!

Whether it is a busted LCD of your device, or simply a crack. Whether your iPod has conked off, or it has stopped showing anything at all, screen replacement is the best and the most effective solution. After all, the screen of the iPod touch is the soul of the device. It’s just a tap and a swipe that your device takes to get you access to the world of multi-media. While touchscreen is the sole requirement for navigation and utilization in the iPod touch, it becomes highly essential to protect your screen from damaging or cracking.

Compromises with the screen would not only lead to device crash, but would also leave no scope for repair thereafter. Hence, he who replaces the damaged screen before things worsen, is wise and smart. Now that you’ve proved to be the smarter one by landing on this page, allow me to put forth the instructions needed to be followed for the screen replacement of your iPod touch. Give a heed to the words that follow below.


Since it’s the sleekest, it ought to be fragile. But naturally, it’s prone to breakage. You drop it just once, and you’ll regret it for long. But if you know the correct way of replacing your iPod touch’s screen, you can hold back your tears and get going. For a damaged iPod touch screen, here’s a set of simple instructions that cost you nothing but a few minutes. Take a look:

  • Start with unscrewing the back of your iPod touch. This could be easily done with the plastic pry tool that you get with the new screen. However, even a simple screwdriver would do in case you haven’t got any pry tool. Pull it up on all sides of the touchscreen, and lift the digitizer when you’re done unscrewing. Set it away so that you don’t lose it.
  • Pull out the battery from the motherboard with the help of the pry tool or screwdriver, and also, remove the small black tape that exposes three more screws.
  • Next, remove the small Phillip screw that holds the iPod touch’s screen into place. After you’re done unscrewing the Phillip screw, remove the foil that is present on top of the iPod touch’s screen.
  • Then, when you’re done removing the file, you need to remove the seven screws that are there on the metal frame with the help of your Phillip screwdriver. Followed by that, take out the ribbon connector present above the dock port of the touchscreen of the iPod by using the flat head screwdriver. All these tools are present in your screen replacement kit so that you find all the necessary implements required for the job.
  • Lastly, use the flat screwdriver to lift the metal frame, and put it aside with your hands. Replace the old iPod touch screen with the new one.

You just learned how to replace your iPod touch’s screen! Reassemble the parts of the iPod touch, gently place the new screen, and start screwing again.

Note that, you need to be very careful while doing it as the device is an extremely fragile one. To think of it, knowing this method can save you a lot of bucks since it’s a pretty expensive process if you get it done from the market. Even though there are many outlets that offer such services, it’s always better to subscribe to the DIY school of thought. It’s going to take you just ten minutes!

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