iPhone Battery Replacement

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iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone battery replacement is a much discussed topic, considering the fact that the battery is permanent and changing it on your own is a challenging task. With correct tools and basic soldering tips, you can replace it without creating a mess.

The iPhone is equipped with a durable lithium battery to power the device. In order to ensure that it runs properly, apply the charge cycle at least once in a month. For this, you fully charge the device and use it till it runs down completely. Certain factors reduce the battery life (length of time that your phone runs before recharging), some of which are, using location services, push applications, auto-checking email accounts, and frequent retrieving of emails. Consequently, reduce the use of these facilities and you will notice significant improvement in performance.


Every consumer is given a replacement warranty for one year, provided that the original battery is a defective one. There is another plan for increasing the coverage to two years, from the date of mobile phone purchase. Purported for the interest of users, this plan offers replacement with a minimal service fee, if the carrying capacity drops below 50 percent of the original performance, during the coverage period. At any point of time, extend the life by updating the latest software released by Apple.

Battery Replacement Program

Under the replacement program, the company offers services with charges of $79 plus local tax extra, if the problem is exclusively related to decreased carrying capacity of the original one. However, this service is not available, if the reduced life is caused due to accident or any other negligent reason from the consumer’s side. For better understanding, you can go through the terms and conditions discussed under the said program. If you are confirmed that you can avail the company’s service, then only proceed for this program.


There is no doubt that Apple is a reputable brand with user-friendly products. But, when it comes to repairing the devices with do-it-yourself tips, the tasks are quite risky and challenging. Similarly, replacing an iPhone battery is not an easy project. As it is sealed tightly with the device, getting rid of the battery by regular tools is very difficult. Nevertheless, with a little patience and time, you can replace it on your own. You will need an X-Acto knife and micro screw drivers, of both, cross head and flat head types.

The basic replacement instructions are separating the existing battery from the device, desoldering it, and then soldering the new one. You can purchase a replacement kit, containing the main battery and opening tools from retailers. It may cost somewhere around $25-$30 and offers a 6 months guarantee. You may also come across advertisements that offer this service for as low as $6 or $9. Ensure that you purchase a kit from a reputable supplier, that provides a guarantee period.

DIY iPhone battery replacement is a cost-effective and time saving alternative to contacting Apple. However, to avoid unnecessary damage, go through the user manual and step-by-step directions for the process. Otherwise, you may end up spoiling your phone and purchasing a new one. Be patient and use correct tools. Last but not the least, follow the tips to increase cell phone battery life , in order to enjoy a longer talk time before your phone needs recharging.

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