Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

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Best iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

iPhone alarm clock docks and apps give you an ultimate experience of an alarm clock with tunes, videos, and much more. Read this Techspirited article which talks about the best options of alarm clock docks for iPhones.

While your iPhone comes with an alarm clock feature, you might want something different from the traditional sound to start the day afresh. With an iPhone, you would constantly look for more accessories and the right app so as to get the best from the gadget. So you can check out the various iPhone alarm clock docks and apps that can help you set your favorite music and get away from that traditional alarm clock sound.

List of iPhone Alarm Clock Docks

With the docks, you can charge your Apple iPhone, listen to your favorite music, and get many other features along with the alarm clock. The complete package you get with a dock definitely makes it one of the best iPhone accessories that you must check out.

iHome iDL46GC

Full name: iHome iDL46GC Lightning Dock Dual Charging FM Stereo Clock Radio

This device facilitates the charging of an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, in addition to playing your favorite music. The charging can be done through a USB (located at the rear) or a dock (located at the top). You can choose your favorite tune for listening or as the alarm tune. You can adjust the bass or treble effects (to name a few) to have the desired sound quality. It has EQ controls, 3D surround sound, and a very effective sound technology called Reson8. It has an auto sync feature that keeps track of the time and date settings of the device. However, to set the right time, this Apple device needs to be plugged into it. Moreover, it has a preset memory of up to six stations. It has batteries in addition to the connection to an AC power source.

Sony’s ICF-CL75iP

This is a complete entertainment center with the alarm clock feature for your Apple gadgets. You can play your favorite music from Apple iTunes on the iPhone dock or watch MP4, M-JPEG, and AVI movies as well. This also doubles up as a digital picture frame, which will display the pics from your Apple mobile phone or iPod, making it a unique device. You have a lot of music options that can be set as alarm clock tunes, which include AM/FM music, iPhone or iPod tunes, nature sounds, or even a 10-second voice recording of your choice. This also has a 7-inch LCD and comes with a dimmer. But the large screen might not darken your room completely. Those who love to sleep in complete darkness might consider this as a small drawback. You will get an AM loop antenna, user guide, universal dock adapter for iPhone, and a Sony CR2032 lithium battery in the box.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2

The model number available in the market is S-00001. No application or software is needed to support this product. It belongs to the speaker category and can be used to dock iPod, iPhone, and MP3. It has an independent volume control. It has a battery life of about 10 hours. It has a height of about 3.75 inches and a width of 13.25 inches. With a rectangular structure, it is perfect to be placed on the side tables in the bedroom.

Best iPhone Alarm Clock Apps

Apple Store is home to hundreds of apps, and the alarm clock app is amongst the must-have iPhone apps. So here are some of best options available, which you can consider downloading.

This option is for those who have the habit of switching on their television set as soon as they wake up. It is a smart app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users with a video wake-up call. Basically, this features a two-minute video of news headlines from the national TV anchored by Andrea Jackson. This is an easy-to-use app, which comes at a price of USD 1.99.

Hard Awakening

Well, there are a number of apps for a soft and sweet awakening. But, if you would love to have something hard and super, this is the app for you. Those who love that snooze button and don’t wake up with the soft tunes, this rocking alarm clock app will do its job rightly. With this, you can record your own alarms with a microphone, use tunes from iPhone/ iPod library, or set one of the 70 built-in rocking sounds. What’s more, you can have the alarm clock countdown on the display or even your favorite pics. You can get this at a price of USD 1.99.


Well, if you are searching for something that comes at a lower price, here’s the MusicAlarm app that’s absolutely free. Yes, this is a simple one and looks just like the Apple’s alarm clock. You can choose music from your library and set it as a buzzer for the alarm clock. Remember that you’ll have to leave the app on, so you’d better keep it charged.

Wake N Shake

This is apt for those who struggle to wake up in the morning. In order to put off the alarm, the phone needs to be shaken vehemently. Moreover, this app does not provide a volume button to lower it. This is sure to wake a person up from deep sleep too.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

A very efficient app which monitors your movements in your sleeping stage. This app provides an inbuilt collection of around 8 tunes that can be set as the wake-up alarm tone. In addition to this, it also displays the results of the monitored sleep phases. This can be very useful while keeping track of the average sleep hours and the patterns. This application is developed by Maciek Drejak Labs.

SpeakToSnooze Pro

The best feature of this app is its voice control function. It allows the user to set or snooze an alarm merely by talking. It is a good way to control the app on your phone (for waking you up) by simply talking to it.

Idigital Big

This is an ideal app for those who like to have a bright and a clear display of the time, especially during the night. This is better suited to the geek community.

Well, with the aforementioned options, you just need not worry as these give you a pleasant experience of waking up. So get the one you like by checking the reviews, read the user guide, follow the instructions on how to use an iPhone alarm clock and other features such as the music/video player, and get started. Now, wake up to your favorite music!

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