How to Find Inexpensive Wii Consoles

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How to Find Inexpensive Wii Consoles

Nintendo Wii is the best selling gaming console worldwide at this point of time. The listed price of $199.99 puts it beyond the reach of many. In this article, I share some tips on how to get hold of inexpensive Wii consoles at discounted prices.

There was never a better time to be a gaming enthusiast. Three gaming consoles that changed everything, as far as gaming is concerned are Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo product has been adjudged to be considerably superior to the rest of the two topping sales since its release in North America, in November, 2006. For five years now, Wii has entertained millions worldwide and continues to be the most sought after gaming console. The costs of this console is around $200, which can be prohibitively expensive for some.

How to Get Inexpensive Wii Consoles?

Backward compatible with its predecessor – Gamecube, the Nintendo Wii was temporarily named ‘Revolution’ and indeed the product lives up to that name. With amazing processing power, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and unmatched performance, there are more than one reasons why you would want to opt for Wii, over other gaming consoles. Although the price of the console is justified by its impeccable features, it may still be too expensive for some people.

However, there is no reason to lose heart as it’s actually possible to get hold of cheap Wii consoles quite easily if you know where to look. You will of course have to buy the game controllers and other accessories separately, without which the console is useless. The electronics market is vast and there is a large price variability in product prices, which you can take advantage of. Here are some ways in which you may find consoles at discounted prices.

Festive Discounts

There is a time to sow, time to reap and time to buy Wii consoles. Festive seasons like Christmas and Thanksgiving or Black Fridays offer the ideal timings for purchase of expensive items like Wii consoles. Most retail stores can afford to grant substantial discounts on these products due to the high sales volume during this time. So you have the best chance of getting hold of an cheap Wii consoles from retail stores during festive seasons.

Online Retail Stores

Even if a festive season is not around, online electronic retail distributors like Amazon still offer substantial discounts. For example a Wii Hardware bundle offered by Amazon right now, costs about $169.99, saving $30 for you. Check out all the major retail stores and take advantage of the discounts offered.

Refurbished & Used Wii Consoles

Refurbished consoles are barely used and come with the same quality as brand new ones, at substantially lower prices. Used consoles cost even lesser, with prices dropping down to as much as $94. Take advantage of such refurbished and used Wii console deals offered on Amazon and other online retail stores.

Locate Inexpensive Console Deals on Auction Sites

The last place to look for are auction sites like eBay, that offer new, refurbished and used console deals. You can get hold of barely used consoles at half the listed price on such auction sites. So keep scanning eBay for cheap Wii deals that pop up occasionally.

Your best bet for finding cheap consoles are retail stores like Amazon, which offer them at substantially discounted prices. As suggested before, you may also go for refurbished or used consoles that are sold online and through local retail stores. Leave no stone unturned in your search for an affordable Wii console and you are bound to find one at a discounted price. Wish you good luck and happy gaming!

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