Importance of CASE Tools

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Importance of CASE Tools

Computer Assisted Software Engineering or CASE tools are designed to enhance programs that aid the development cycle of the system. The tools assist software engineers and dedicated programmers through preliminary investigation and system analysis.

Computer Assisted Software Engineering is an application that is directed towards the enhancement of any computing machine. The process is a quality driven step towards improvisation of design and installation features for software development.

Whenever a new system is installed, the implementation integrates a number of related and different tasks. The process has to be efficiently organized, and it is for this very reason that CASE tools are developed. With the help of CASE, the installation process can be automated and coordinated within the developed and adopted system life cycle.

CASE tools are largely marketed and understood as:

  1. Investigation, analysis and design, or Front-End CASE
  2. Implementation and installation, or Back-End CASE

CASE tools are developed for the following reasons:

  • Increase the speed during system development
  • Quicker installation
  • Enhanced analysis and design development
  • Reduced coding and testing time
  • Efficient transfer of information between tools
  • Optimum use of available information
  • Create and manipulate documentation
  • Enrich graphical techniques and data flow

The use of CASE tools enables the programmer to process diagrams and improvise project management software designs. The implementation makes it possible to access data dictionaries and specialist packages. With enhanced features, it is possible to edit and update multiple design versions to add quality to the adopted version. The timely use of the powerful development tools to complete and upgrade cycle documents helps a great deal in error checks and test case generation. They have progressed from applications that aid documentation analysis on the computer to intelligent user interfaces that are reusable.

The decrease in the cost factor related to dedicated hardware has been counter-balanced with a subsequent increase in the cost of software. The labor intensive software needs to be consistently developed for optimum use. The slightest error can result in a costly consequence for the business or private user.

The tools resolve issues related to development and maintenance of the adopted application. They not only alter the time frame for each phase, but also help to spread out the cost factor involved. They are largely invested in by dedicated software engineers for better analysis and design.

The code involved is generated automatically, resulting in timely and dramatic reduction in the cost involved in maintenance. The centralized repository is empowered with all the details of the components within the system. This enables suitable, and once again, timely generation of designs and codes. CASE tools guarantee consistency and conformance to upgrades, while developing interactive workstations to enhance an internet business. They not only speed up development, but also generate space and the scope for replication of process precision. With the reduced cost, maintenance and productivity become more cost-effective and practical.

It is very important when selecting a tool to look for the following qualitative features:

  • Easy-to-understand CASE tool specifications.
  • Proper allocation of time and resources possible within the development environment guaranteed
  • Coordination between the tool specifics and requirements of the organizational infrastructure
  • Guaranteed level of upgradation of information technology within departments
  • Compatibility between personalities implementing the tools and their relative expertise

CASE tools are designed to enhance and upgrade the computing system adopted and used. This is very important with regards to the dependence on a computer-based environment for business and/or personal pursuits. It is an important part of various business growth strategies.

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