How to Win at Bejeweled Blitz

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How to Win at Bejeweled Blitz

We are going to show you how winning is done, when it comes to Bejeweled Blitz. So keep that wicked grin on your face and brace yourself up for the ultimate triumph that you have been longing for.

Created by PopCap games, Bejeweled Blitz is a puzzle game, which has now made an official entry as an application on Facebook. Well, before we push ahead with amazing tips, strategy, and techniques to master this game, make yourself aware of some basic rules, discussed below.

A Short Introduction to the Game

The basic idea behind this game is to align three or more jewels or gems in one single line, either vertically or horizontally and keep clearing them, leaving empty spaces for new gems to fill in. To align them, you need to swap the adjacent gems so that you match them with your gem set.

Let the adjacent gem be of any color, the one you are aiming at, has to match your gem set so that the set collapses quickly. As soon as there is an empty space created in the grid, new gems replace the empty spaces automatically.

In this manner, you have to keep grouping similar-colored gems, to keep clearing the board and in turn, keep earning a good score too. Finally, a saturation point is reached, where there’s no permutation or combination left for the player and the game ends out there, stating, no matches or no more moves. The game is played in a one-minute time mode. It comes to an end, when either there are no more moves, or the timer runs out. So, you are mostly confined to that one-minute time period, unless you get a time booster of some seconds and get lucky enough to score even more.

Tips and Techniques

Smart players will cut their way through to the highest score, if they make use of the following techniques.

  • First things first, log into your Facebook account and download the free trial version of this game, to earn 50,000 coins, without making any purchase. You can redeem the coins, once you are logged in.
  • You have to start your game, by pressing the power gem button. Begin to create horizontal or vertical chains, consisting of the same color so that they quickly keep collapsing.
  • At times, the three or more colors happen to be adjacent to each other. Choose them quickly, without wasting a second’s time and click on them so that they collapse and new ones enter from the top.
  • At other times, you will have to create a first combo of three or more gems and collapse them quickly so that you are able to create more combos in the same pattern. For example, if your match score is of 10 points, by creating these 3 or more combos, you can actually earn 20 points more for a chain reaction match, or perhaps 30 points more, for following combo matches after that; so on and so forth.
  • In addition, you can discover a long chain reaction of gems to earn extreme scores, more than your original match score. For this purpose, you just have to be lucky for gems to be placed in a long chain arrangement.
  • Another trick is creating as many hyper cubes as you can, in the game. (Create a line of five jewels, all in a row and you get a shapeless, colorless cube called a hyper cube). This cube is like a joker in playing cards. You can switch this cube with any other jewel, which will help you remove all the same colored gems from the grid. It’s wise to use a hyper cube, when you are low on moves and the game seems almost impossible to continue. This will help you clear many gems, potentially giving you more moves and more points to score.
  • The common mistake that a player must avoid, is to miss the chance of picking up the hyper cube combination (if there is any), right at the start of every new round. It’s natural to just start off with your instinct, without surveying the grid quickly and hence, this is where a hyper cube combination is usually missed. It is vital to play this game by taking a quick, but a proper look at the whole board. Or else you will manage to give your opponent all the chances to win.
  • Another smart way is starting the game to match the gems from the bottom of the board. This way, the chains and sets collapse quickly, clearing a lot of gems from the bottom and giving you enough time to think and make moves. So, when you start to play, start from the bottom half of the screen and go for the horizontal matches if you can. It helps in clearing out a lot of gems in the board, in turn gifting you lots of points.
  • You must have heard about detonating the gems. Avoid bursting the isolated power jewels unless utterly necessary. If you detonate the power jewels adjacent to one or more jewels, they actually create long chain reactions, which can definitely help you in building up your scores. So, don’t use them unnecessarily since they can be carried forward to the next round as well.
  • An important point in detonating power gems, is to avoid detonating them when they are next to a hyper cube. You will lose your hard-earned hyper cube at a low cost.

Do you now feel confident enough to go fetch a high score and earn lots of points, along with generous score multipliers, bonuses, and power gems throughout the game? If you still flinch, the next time you go to play, once again read all these tricks and loopholes, which will boost you up instantly. Keep Scoring.

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