How to Watch Live TV on PC

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How to Watch Live TV on PC

The facility of watching live TV on a computer provides the convenience of browsing through a variety of web TV channels online. This article elaborates on the subject of live TV, throwing light on the benefits offered by it.

Cable TV service provides an extensive number of channels, yet only a few might be on your preferential list. Among the vast number of channels offered by the service, only a few are on the watchable list on a daily basis. Cable TV contract provides a fixed number of selective options, which may not be agreeable to the viewers with regards to the charge paid for it. If the services offered are not satisfactory enough, there are other options like a dish antenna connection to be explored. If this option is still unsatisfactory, exploring the choice of satellite Internet TV on your PC or laptop would be the most viable.

Internet TV

Due to the advancements made in the Internet technology and the availability of the increased bandwidth, it is now possible to watch and indulge in what is called PC satellite or Internet TV. This option provides the ease of selecting any channel of one’s choice from as many as three thousand online TV channels. With Internet, your choice is not restricted to the channels that are only broadcast in the US. The medium, with proper Internet access, even enables one to gain access to watch programs that are transmitted to Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australia and Africa. This provides the opportunity of browsing through all the channels are available through the Internet.

Accessing TV Channels on the Computer

This involves gaining access to the online channels through the Internet and finding the amount of charge to be paid for it. There are a number of ways to go about it.

  • One way is to go online and use search engines to locate the channel websites that provide live streaming. The channel programs on these sites are available to the public free of cost. The discomforting part is that, you may have to spend an ample amount of time in finding them.
  • The other way is to download a software from the Internet which enables easy access to the websites. The software activation may require a registration fee. The initial payment is worthwhile, because in addition to the number of channels that are provided, access to some of the movie libraries is also granted.

List of Software used to Access Websites Offering Live channels

Before purchasing a software to watch live television, some important aspects that need to be considered are the number of channels accessible through them, the feature it provides and possibly the number of radio channels available through them as a preference. As an extra additional feature, some of these software also provide access to radio stations, watching programs on full screen mode, usage of a remote control giving the viewer a television experience, and a movable window. A list of these software is given below

  • Satellite Direct TV
  • Watch TV on PC
  • Stream Direct TV
  • Satellite TV for PC Pro

List of Live TV Channels
Getting access to TV channels through the Internet is good way of saving money while enjoying the much sought after entertainment channels. Along with the large number of entertainment-oriented programs, it also provides educational content.

Name of the Channels

  • Cartoon Network
  • Bloomberg
  • ESPN News
  • Fashion TV
  • Discovery
  • Fox
  • BYU TV
  • CATV 12
  • Baseball Channel
  • Amazing Facts
  • Americas Store
  • CBN TV
  • AT TV
  • Backyard Wrestling
  • CHANNEL125
  • MTV
  • BoardRiders TV
  • CBN Espanol
  • CBN News
  • Channel 12
  • SLN
  • The Energy News
  • TorontoTV
  • Entertainment
  • TorontoTV Fashion
  • TVC9
  • Shopping TVA
  • Strawberry TV
  • Baby Channel
  • Research TV

List of Radio Stations on the Web

A few of the popular sites are listed below:

  • Grooveshark
  • Pandora
  • Acoustic Alternative
  • Spotify
  • Maestro

If you choose to use a laptop and wireless Internet access through a USB modem, then you can even access and watch your favorite TV programs on the move. All you need is a computer and a high speed Internet connection.

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