How to Watch Live TV on Your iPad

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How to Watch Live TV on Your iPad

Your Apple iPad can do much more than you can imagine. If you are wondering how to watch live TV on iPad, this article will be an interesting read.

Apple’s iPad 2 is in a class of its own as far as tablet computers are concerned. With more than 25 million iPads sold so far, it is unarguably one of the hottest gadgets to be launched in the electronics market in recent times. With a brand new A5 chip, Wi-Fi+3G connectivity, 512 MB of RAM and a 9.7 inch screen, the tablet PC weighs only 600 grams, making it one of the most easily portable tablet computers ever launched.

Having gotten hold of your brand new iPad 2, you must be still exploring what all its capable of. One of the little known uses of the device is that it can substitute your television! It is actually possible to watch all TV channels on your iPad. You can prop it up anywhere, anytime and enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Watching Live TV on iPad 2

Gone are the days when being able to watch cable TV on computer was a novelty. Now you can watch TV even on mobile devices! With the launch of the Apple iPad, several technologies geared up to offer services for this new Apple gadget. Today there are many apps launched on the App Store and TV tuner gadgets launched in electronics stores that make live TV streaming on the iPad possible. Here are five suggestions you could follow.

Get EyeTV!

The EyeTV app available on App Store works with your home Wi-Fi network to broadcast live TV on your iPad. You need a TV tuner and encoder installed on your home PC and a Wi-Fi network, for this app to work for you.

Install Hauppauge Broadway

One of the best technologies to hit the market in recent times is the Haupauge Broadway. This device takes in live TV content from your set top box, encodes it into Apple video format and transmits it to your Apple iPad using the Wi-Fi connectivity of your home wireless router! What is more, you can access your live TV from anywhere around the globe by watching the content hosted on the Hauppauge server!

Use Orblive

Orb Live provides you another way of watching live TV on your Apple iPad. If you have a computer with an installed TV tuner card, along with Orb Caster software, all live TV content can be broadcasted on to your iPad over a Wi-Fi network. Check out the Orblive website for more details.

Get SlingPlayer Mobile

The SlingPlayer Mobile apps lets you watch live television on the go, on your iPad. For this app to work on your iPad, it must ally with a SlingBox, which is a TV tuner and recording device. The Slingbox can transmit all live television output from your set top box over the Internet or stream it on any device over your home wireless network. Along with SlingPlayer Mobile, it can transmit live TV directly to your Apple iPad. Check out the SlingPlayer Mobile website for more details.

Use Channel Apps

If you don’t want to spend a lot and intend to watch only specific TV channels, there are apps geared to offer this service. An example is the application offered on App Store, which provides access to channels from the CBS network. Another such applications is ABC Player which grants access to all ABC channel shows. All these apps directly stream TV content over the Internet. You will need a high speed 3G or Wi-Fi connection to use them.

Using either one of EyeTV, Orblive, SlingPlayer Mobile or Hauppauge Broadway gadgets, you can watch live TV on your Apple iPad, quite easily. With the addition of live TV viewing, your tablet becomes the complete entertainment solution. Follow up any one of the suggestions presented above and enjoy all live television action on the move!

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