How to Use Skype for Free

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How to Use Skype for Free

By knowing how to use Skype for free, you can not only make audio calls but also video calls…

The advancements in Internet technology has given us many good things to use and enjoy on the web. Few years ago, no one would have ever thought about a technology which would allow a person to use the Internet for audio and video calling. But now this technology is widely used all over the world for personal and professional communication. Today, you will find a wide range of service providers which offer this Internet calling facility. And Skype is probably the most popular software that offers free audio and video calling over the Internet.

What is Skype?

Skype is a software which allows users to avail the Internet calling facility. As of now, it is probably the most popular web calling service available on the Internet. Its first release was in August 2003, after which several different versions and updates were developed, offering advanced calling and communications facilities. If you are calling from your Skype account to a person who is registered on the same service, you will not be charged. Calls made to toll-free and 800 numbers are also free. But if you want to call from Skype to landline numbers or cell phones, you will have to pay a certain fee using a debit-based payment system. Some features which have made this service so very well known are easy file transfer, video calling, and instant messaging. Following is a guide on how to call using Skype for free.

Essentials for Using Skype

There are some basic essentials that you would require in order to get Skype running. You will have to download the software from the Internet, for which you do not have to pay anything, as it is freely offered. Other things that you need are a computer with Windows or Mac operating system installed, Internet access with an acceptable connection speed, and a headphone with microphone. If you intend to make video calls, you will have to get a webcam.

How to Use Skype for Free?

You will have to first download the Skype software from the web and install it on your computer. The downloading and installation process is standard as in other applications. After the installation process is complete, you will have to open the software interface and register on the service. You can register by selecting the join option and keying in all the details. Here, you will have to set your Skype name and password. The next step is to add contacts for communication, for which you will have to select the ‘add contact’ option and search for names using email accounts, name, or Skype ID.

For making audio calls, connect the headphone to the computer and check at the sides of the added contacts. If there is a green tick mark besides the contact, it denotes that the person is online. If it’s an ‘x’ mark, the person is offline. After you select an online contact, you will view two buttons colored green and red. If you click on the green button, the call will be initiated.

In addition to voice calls, you can also enjoy video calls if you have a webcam. Connect the webcam to the computer, find the webcam preferences in the application interface via ‘Tools-Options’ link, and make the required webcam setting on the ‘General Settings’ window. Finally, activate the webcam by using the ‘enable Skype video’ option.

This is a standard procedure regarding how to use Skype for free calls. For anytime and anywhere communication, the Skype service can be used on Apple iPhone and BlackBerry PDAs as well.

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