How to Update iTunes

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How to Update iTunes

Take your music companion to another level. Learn how to update iTunes in a jiffy with the help of directions in this article.

Convince a person to live without books and the Internet for a week, and he won’t disappoint you. Try taking his MP3 player away, for a day, and his life may change for the worse. For many people, music makes up for the only appetite to relieve stress. That said, if you’re used to the current version of iTunes, and are hunting for some chicness and newness onto your widgets, perhaps it’s time to upgrade. The following cluster of words comprises easy instructions that you can follow.

For Mac Users

For proud owners of Apple computers, it’s recommended to download the most recent iTunes version as a treat to your widgets, and to get the most of this music jukebox. In order to download it, here’s what you need to do:

Firstly, connect to the Internet, and open any web browser (Mozilla Firefox preferred).

Secondly, find the iTunes icon, and open it. Click on the Apple menu.

Thirdly, when the Apple menu opens, select System Preferences. Click on View and select Software Updates.

Fourthly, you’ll see an Update Now tab. Click on it. In case you just need to check whether there exists an upgraded version, you can click on Check Now.

Fifthly, browse through the Software Updates, and select iTunes. Tick the programs you want to upgrade along with it. When it is done, click on Install.

Lastly, it will ask for your admin username and password which you need to enter. Put the required information, and press enter. Your computer will start downloading the update. When it’s done, restart the computer and you would be able to use the updated version of your favorite music player.

For Windows Users

This one is even easier. Doesn’t matter if you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista. The directions for updating this software are same for computers based on these operating systems. Take a look at the following steps, and install the newer version:

Firstly, as mentioned in the directions for Mac users, connect your computer to the Internet and open the web browser.

Secondly, click on start and select Active Apple Software Update.

Thirdly, when a box of options opens, select iTunes update and click on Install.

Lastly, wait till the iTunes installation has finished. Post installation, you have to restart your system.

That’s how you keep up with the updates of Apple’s services! Nothing is as easier as updating a particular software because, the Internet is supposed to do most of the work. Now that you’ve learned the method, put yourself to the test. The latest version of iTunes is a life-saver for music devotees, for you can easily transfer songs from iPod to iTunes and vice-versa. It has many interesting features too which you can discover upon installation.

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