How to Transfer VHS to DVD

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How to Transfer VHS to DVD

In today’s high-tech and digital world, VHS may sound a bit outdated. People are opting to convert their old videos to DVD. Then article explains this procedure. After transferring, your collection will be safe in the DVD forever and whenever you want, you can go through this collection.

VHS, an abbreviation of Video Home System was developed during 1970s and is mainly used for video tape recording. Its usage has become outdated in today’s advanced world and hence, the need to transfer it to DVD has arisen.

For transferring VHS to DVD, you will need a DVD recorder. They are used for recording from analog sources like cable TV, old video cameras, VHS players, etc. If you have a DVD recorder, then the computer is not required in the whole process.

Steps to be Followed

The two things that are required are a DVD and a VHS source. The first step is to connect the DVD recorder to a video source. The video source can be a VHS player or a VHS camcorder. For both video and audio, it is advised that you use high quality S-video cable. If the usage of this cable is not possible, then you can opt for standard RCA dubbing cables.

The next step is connection of the digital media. You can use from amongst the different DVD formats, namely; DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW. The formats are more compatible with the DVD players, especially the older ones. Before you go any further, you should record and check if it is compatible or not. If you are using DVD-RW or DVD+RW disk, you will have to erase the data present on it before you transfer the VHS.

For previewing the input signal, set up the DVD recorder. Set the VHS tape from the start and check the recorder’s input. Check it properly, else you might end up wasting a blank DVD or you might get a recording of inferior quality. The next step is to record and start playing the VHS source. Do not play the VHS source before you start with the recording of the DVD, as it might happen that the beginning won’t be recorded. If the need arises, add another tape or passage to the recording. While transferring VHS to DVD, you can utilize “n” number of tapes, which is a plus point. Now the last and final step is to add chapter stops to the recording. For this you can follow your recorder’s manual.

This was all about how to transfer VHS to DVD, which is a very simple process. You can even transfer your old collection of songs and your favorite music into the DVD.

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