How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone

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How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone

Want the best of both worlds – Android and iOS, but don’t know how to transfer your contacts from one to the other? This Techspirited article helps you with simple steps to copy your contacts from your Android phone to an iPhone.

Quick Fact

According to a May 2013 report from comScore, in the US, Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 52.4 percent market share followed by Apple ranked with 39.2 percent market share.

Google and Apple have been at loggerheads forever now, each delivering blow after blow on the other. So, while Apple had a head start with iOS, Android from Google has slowly but surely bitten away at Apple’s pie! Both are phenomenal operating systems, and command a devout fan following. And then, there are those who simply walk in and pick up both. If you belong to this elite group who prefer to have both an Android phone, and an iPhone, or have changed loyalties from Android to iOS, but can’t for the life of you, seem to transfer the contacts from one to the other, do not worry, help is at hand. Given below are some simple steps to copy all the precious contacts from your Android phone onto you iPhone.

You will need

  • Your Android phone
  • Your iPhone
  • An active Internet connection on your phones
  • A Gmail account
  • iPhone data cable

Step 1
Log in to your Gmail account on your Android phone, and follow this path

  • Settings
  • Accounts
  • Google
  • Select the Google account you would like to use.
  • Ensure that Contacts is selected.
  • Click on ‘Sync’

Once the synchronization is done, you should be able to see the phone contacts in your Gmail account. You can check this by logging in to Gmail, and clicking on the My Contacts option to the left window of your Gmail interface.

Once the synchronization is complete, you could try either one of the methods mentioned below.

iPhone Method

Step 2
Follow this path on your iPhone –

  • Settings
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Add Account
  • Other
  • Add CardDav Account
  • Fill in these details
    – Server:
    – User Name: (enter your full Gmail address)
    – Password: (your Gmail password)
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Open ‘Contacts’

That should start the synchronization of the contacts from your Google account to your iPhone.

iTunes Method

Step 2
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using the data cable.
  • Launch iTunes
  • Select your phone from the iTunes interface
  • Click on Info
  • Select ‘Sync Contacts with Google Contacts (select ‘Google Contacts’ from the drop down box)’
  • Enter your Google account details when prompted

Your phone should automatically sync with your Google account, and your contacts should be copied onto your iPhone.

CopyTrans Contacts
If you do not have an Internet connection on your Android phone to sync your contacts with Gmail, don’t worry, we have a solution for you too.

Step 1

  • Download, and install CopyTrans Contacts on your computer.

Step 2

  • On your Android phone, open your Contacts list
  • Click on the Android Menu button
  • Select Import/Export
  • Select Export to USB storage
  • When prompted to export the contacts, click on OK
  • Once the contacts have been backed up, connect your phone (data storage mode) to the computer with its data cable
  • Select your phone from the drives on the computer
  • Open the Phone storage
  • Among the Android folders, you should find a .vcf file (Contact.vcf)
  • Copy it to your computer
  • Disconnect the phone from the computer

Step 3

  • Launch CopyTrans Contacts on your computer
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with the data cable
  • Click on Import Contacts
  • Select the option ‘From a file’ (all contact formats)
  • Navigate to the .vcf that you saved on your computer, and open it
  • Wait for the contacts to be imported

Voila! Go ahead and scroll through the list of your favorite contacts on your iPhone.

Always keep your contacts and other data synced with the computer, or a cloud service; that should help you recover your data if you want to change your phone at any time. Cheers.

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