How to Send a Song to a Cell Phone

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How to Send a Song to a Cell Phone

If you are looking for know-how about sending songs to a cell phone, this article is a must read. By the time you are through with this article, you’ll know three to four different ways of sending songs to cell phones.

With so many electronic devices offering music playing capabilities, ranging from laptop computers, desktops, MP3 players to smart phones, it’s essential that you know how to transfer music between them. That way, you can share and access your music using all these gadgets. Most newbie cell phone users tend to be unaware of ways in which music can be transferred to cell phones. Modern mobile phones are nothing short of mini computers with multiple data transfer technologies built into them. In this Techspirited article, I explain how to send a song to a cell phone by tapping into various cell phone connectivity modes.

Sending Songs to Cell Phones

There are various ways in which any kind of data can be shared with a cell phone. With multiple connectivity options opened up by the recent mobile telecom revolution, you may use any of the following methods to transfer songs to your cell phone, ranging from MMS to Internet based downloads.

Use Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

The easiest way of sending a song to any cell phone is through the MMS facility. If you have the song, you intend to transfer, on your mobile phone memory card, locate it first. Then select it and explore the sending options. You will find a ‘Send as Message’ option. Once you choose it, enter the 10 digit number of the recipient cell phone and hit the send button. Provided that the size of the song file is within the MMS file size limit, the message will be sent and be delivered into the recipient mobile phone’s inbox.

Email the Song to Your Cell Phone

If you have 2G or 3G Internet connectivity on your phone, another way of sending a song to a cell phone is by mailing it from your computer. Compose a new email and add the song as an attachment to it. In the recipient’s address box, type the mobile number, followed by the sms gateway domain of the service provider in the following format- ‘Cell Phone Number@smsgatewaydomain’. Each service has its separate address. Just type in the appropriate SMS gateway domain name and send the message. It will be directly delivered in the recipient’s message inbox and then he or she can download the song using the link provided. Here are the sms gateways of the best telecom service providers.

Service Provider Email Message Format

Transfer Using Bluetooth Technology
If the cell phone happens to be in close proximity, you can use Bluetooth connectivity to transfer songs. Ensure that the recipient’s phone is in the vicinity and it’s Bluetooth adapter is turned on. Then select the song to be sent. Choose the ‘Send Via Bluetooth’ option, search for devices, connect with the phone and transfer the song.

Song Transfer Through a USB Cable Connection

If the cell phone has USB connectivity and you have access to it, you can directly transfer songs to its memory card using a USB cable. Just connect the cell phone with the computer through a USB cable. Drag and drop songs into the memory card folder of the phone and your job is done.

MMS and mailing through SMS gateways are the simplest ways in which you can send a song to any cell phone. If the phone is in your vicinity, Bluetooth or USB cable based music transfer is even simpler and moreover it will cost you nothing. You can always use services like ‘Beam It Up Scotty’, that let you compress and download songs directly to your mobile phone using Internet connectivity. Use any one of the above methods which you find the easiest to implement.

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