How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Recycle Bin?

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How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Recycle Bin?

File retrieval from recycle bin is possible provided you act in time. Read the following article that will answer all your questions regarding it.

Sometimes, extremely important files on your computer get deleted by mistake, or sometimes, you delete them and later wish that you hadn’t. The common thing in both cases is that you want to know how to retrieve them from recycle bin? The answer to this question depends upon how long it has been since you deleted them. If it has been only a few hours or a couple of days, the answer is very easy. But, if you have done it months back, then it’s a little difficult. The following paragraphs will provide you with some tips on recovering permanently erased items.

The Truth About Deleted Files

When you simply delete a file using the delete option from the right click menu, it goes to the recycle bin. You can easily recover this item using the restore option. When you delete a file from the recycle bin, or when you shift+delete it, the same process happens as in the case of deletion to the bin. You can restore such items just as easily, although there is a small difference between the two types.

In the later case (which we think of as permanent deletion), the reference to the deleted item, or the address by which the item is found on the hard drive, is completely erased. Also, the space that was taken up by that file is made available for reuse by new files. If this space gets occupied by new items, it becomes impossible to retrieve the old deleted file. The point is that you can easily recover deleted items and restore lost data, even if it was done a couple of hours ago.

File Retrieval on Mac

Once you realize that you want a certain item back, make sure that you do not save anything on your computer till you have recovered it. The file deletion and retrieval process works in the same way for both MacBook and Windows. There are two ways of recovering deleted items from your Mac. The first one is to use the timeline utility. All Macs that were manufactured after 2007 have this utility pre-installed.

Using this utility is very easy; just launch it and go back on the timeline where you still had the file and restore it. This is how it is recovered. The other way to achieve the same thing is to use an external data recovery software. There are free and paid software available, which are easy to use and retrieve your files efficiently. For example: Disk Drill Basic, FileSalvage, etc.

File Retrieval on Windows

Recovering deleted items in all the versions of Windows operating system is more or less the same. Unfortunately, Windows does not have a utility such as timeline in Mac. There is a third-party program called deep freeze that reverses all the changes you made in your computer after a restart. But, this can have several disadvantages. So, it is suggested that you use some other data recovery software program that lets you recover your items, without making any other changes on your system. Here is a small list of software, which you can use for safe file retrieval:

  • Recuva
  • Wondershare Data Recovery
  • TuneUp Utilities
  • TestDisk
  • Recover My Files
  • FileRestorePlus
  • Norton Utilities
  • Data Recovery Pro

Thus, the important thing is to avoid saving anything on your computer till you have got your deleted file back. Because if the space gets overwritten, it will become impossible to retrieve it.

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