How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

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How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

If you are looking for guidelines on resetting your iPad to factory settings, this article will certainly be a helpful reference. Read to know about the exact procedure.

Apple has been known to launch products that tend to be in a class of their own. One of their recent products that turned out to be a game changer, is the Apple iPad. With a record 3 million of them sold in just three months after release, this is one of the most popular products ever sold. What sets it apart from other tablet computers is its versatility. Of the many reasons to get an iPad, the fact that it can function as a portable media player, a PDA, as well as an ebook reader needs to be taken into consideration. Sold with the inbuilt iOS, this tablet computer is easy to manage. What is a big turn off, of course, is the exorbitant price at which its sold.

A restoration, back to factory settings, will erase most of the data stored on the tablet. So make sure that you really want all the settings and data erased before you go for it. As once you go for a reset, there is no way you can bring all the deleted data back. It is an irreversible decision. In case of recurrent problems, a restoration to factory settings might be necessary.

Naturally, if you are selling your iPad, you are bound to require a factory reset as the new user will want to start with a clean slate. As these devices are often resold in the secondary market, they always come with an inbuilt reset functionality.

How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings Without Using iTunes

One of the easiest ways to reset the device, back to its factory settings, is to use the inbuilt functionality. If you are planning to wipe your iPad clean, make sure that you backup all your data before you go ahead.

Observe your iPad home screen and look for the Settings icon in particular. Select this icon and check out all the options presented below. Go to Settings > General and select the reset option that you will find there. There are two ways to reset the phone.

Either select ‘Reset All Settings’, which will restore all the applications to default or select ‘Erase Content and Settings’, which will wipe out all the data and restore all the settings to default. Once you choose the option, the resetting procedure will be initiated and once it finishes, the iPad will reboot. Everything will be restored to as it was, when you bought it.

Resetting to Factory Settings Using iTunes

There is another way. Connect the iPad with your computer, which has Apple iTunes installed, using a USB cable. Next, open the iTunes program. On the left side pane of the program, you will find the iPad section. Click on this section and a menu will open on the right. It will include a ‘Restore’ button at the very bottom. Before you hit the button, back up any data that you want to save. Once backup is done, hit the button to reset the iPad to factory settings.

The instructions presented above are pretty easy to follow. I warn you again that with a hard reset, all your accumulated data will be completely lost. So make sure that your run a backup and save your data elsewhere before resetting the device.

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