How to Remove DRM from WMV files

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How to Remove DRM from WMV files

DMCA ideally makes it an offense to get around DRM technology, but there are ways for removing it legally. The article below will tell you how to remove DRM from WMV files.

“How to remove DRM from WMV?” is probably one of the most searched querie son the internet. You must be aware that downloaded Windows Media Files come with the protection by the DRM license itself. If you try to play it for the first time on your PC, then Windows Media Player will try and look for the license on the PC. The DRM license feature coming along with your media file launches Internet Explorer automatically and takes you through the whole process of license acquisition. Its dialog box behaves in a same way as a normal Internet Explorer window. Moreover, this HTML code can be a malevolent script. Of course, if you have bought the WMV file and paid for it, it is a different issue altogether.

An Introduction

  • It has been noticed that most of the WMV files on file-sharing programs, like Kazaa, are protected by the DRM license.
  • When the required license is obtained, it displays a load of unwanted junk and pop-up ads.
  • It is also accompanied by spyware and malware. These are common features that may hijack the internet browser. This is also true in case of video files.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) is found in music files and movies. It is meant for the sole purpose of copy-protection of audio, video, and e-books. Besides, it is meant for the entire protection of digital content, engulfing a comprehensive, wider aspects from the release to end user’s method of using the content.


Windows Media Video (WMV) was developed by Microsoft. These files are played on Windows Media Player. There are numerous portable media players that support WMV playback. You can use a ‘.WMV’ file for either streaming or downloading.

Methods of Removing DRM

DMCA makes exceptions for recording from analog outputs. You can make use of this so-called analog loop-hole to record the playback of your DRM files. DRM Removal software is such a solution that offers removal of DRM from WMV files by quick recording. It can also decode DRM from M4V, WMA, M4P, M4B, AA, and AAC.


  • It is a program meant for converting digital media files.
  • This program converts audio and video files from formats, like WMA, M4A, M4P, AA, M4B, WMV, and M4V.
  • The software works on the principle of interception of the output from the Windows Media or iTunes player.
  • As the output has been decoded by a supported media player, Tunebites isn’t removing DRM, technically.
  • Although, Tunebite may have found a way to evade the DMCA restrictions, end users are still compelled to limit their copying for personal use only.


  • To begin with, install and run Tunebite. Follow the instructions offered by the configuration wizard to configure the sound card and high-speed digital recording.
  • Then, select your desired output audio and video formats.
  • Tunebite supports conversion to MP3, WMA, and OGG music files.
  • If your PC does not have an MP3 encoder, download it to import lame_enc.dll into the program.
  • In case of video files, check “record video”, when original music file contains video”, and click “Next” to select the output format you like from WMV or MPEG4.
  • Now, click the “Add” button, or drag WMV files that you would like to remove DRM to the main interface.
  • Just click the “GO” button, and record your unprotected WMV.

Analog Whole

  • It is another alternative for cleaning up your DRM protection from music files.
  • Like Tunebite, Analog Whole intercepts audio after it is already been decoded by a media player, with a difference.
  • Analog Whole can’t convert video files like Tunebite. The latter is a commercial program, while the former is an open source software and is available free of cost.
  • If you are primarily interested in freeing your extensive iTunes collection, Analog Whole might be your best option.

While it might interest you to remove DRM protection, bear in mind that any method of capturing audio and video content can lead to a significant loss of quality.

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