How to Reinstall Cydia Without SSH

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How to Reinstall Cydia Without SSH

Device crashed all of a sudden and you don’t have the facility of secure shell on your device? Here, learn how to reinstall Cydia without SSHing, and enjoy the services that the Cydia world offers.

Okay, whether it is a device crash or you accidentally deleted Cydia from your iDevice, you can easily reinstall it, and you don’t even need an SSH client to do that. All you need to do is jailbreak your phone again, and begin installing. Many a time, it happens. Somehow, you lose the Cydia app in your iDevice, and end up sulking about the many problems you face in reinstalling it. While in many cases, your device might freeze out of many attempts to reinstall your device, at many instances, it might just refuse to install Cydia at all, saying, ‘Cydia is already the newest version’.

In awe, you may even ask yourself, did I use Cydia the wrong way? Jailbreaking, when done correctly, lets Cydia automatically install itself in a correct manner. Corrupted or released files often create problems in the functioning of your iDevice, and if you’re getting constant Cydia errors, it’s time you re-jailbroke your device, and start all over again!

To make your job easier, today, we tell you an extremely easy method of reinstalling Cydia without bringing into use the SSH setup. While doing the same with SSH is a piece of cake, if, for example, you don’t have an open SSH, is simple as ABC too. After all, a fresh restore and re-jailbreaking is healthy for your iDevice. So, with that said, let’s find out an easy method to reinstall Cydia without bringing SSH into use on your device, so that your entertainment source never ditches you at instances when you need it the most.

Steps to Reinstall Cydia Without SSH

There isn’t much you will need to do to reinstall Cydia with no SSH support, since, in this method that we’re going to be discussing, you just need an active Internet connection, so that you can easily jailbreak your iDevice. To start with, switch on your iDevice, and establish the Internet connection. Open the Safari web browser and go to the JailBreakMe website, where you can carry out the process of jailbreaking your iDevice.

Secondly, at the bottom of the website, you will find the Unlock tab that you need to click on, in order to begin unlocking your device and jailbreak it. This tab has Slide to Jailbreak written in text, and so, you need to follow the command. Lastly, swipe your finger to the right just as you swipe to unlock your device on a usual basis. This way, the jailbreaking of your device will start. Wait for a few minutes till your device gives out a pop up of the completion of Cydia installation.

Without a doubt, JailbreakMe is one of the safest sources to jailbreak your iDevice and download Cydia. Cydia is awesome, and for users who feel ‘asphyxiated’ in the closed ecosystem of Apple, it is no less than a blessing. Whether it is your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, Cydia is one software that lets you have access to thousands of applications, thanks to its extremely user-friendly graphical user interface that easily blends with the miracle that Apple devices are.

Apple didn’t legalize jailbreaking just like that, after all! But if you don’t have SSH enabled on your iDevice, the above mentioned way of jailbreaking your device can easily solve your problems of device crash or freeze. Come back here to share your experience, and let me know if it didn’t work in your case.

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