How to Overcome Facebook Addiction

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How to Overcome Facebook Addiction

If you want to know how to overcome Facebook addiction, there are some tips and tricks in the article below that might prove to be of some help. The people addicted to Facebook are increasing by the day and thus, it is important we know how to get rid of this addiction in time. Help yourself and others around you with the information given below.

Facebook is taking over the world like never before with almost everyone in the world having a profile on this social networking website. Internet addiction was spoken about for some time, before Facebook came into the picture and took it to an entirely new level. Facebook is meant for social networking and for staying in touch with people by easier means. However, everyone or almost everyone is engaged in games, applications and activities that are way different from what we can term under social networking.

Before we read more on overcoming the Facebook addiction, let us first understand a little about Facebook addiction signs as well. Are you glued to the computer every single day and night? Have you found it difficult to log out from Facebook and get back to work? Do you judge people from what they appear to be on this social networking website? Does it bother you when you can’t access the Internet and check your daily notifications? Does it seldom lead to anxiety? Well then, you are addicted to this website for sure!

How You Can Overcome Your Facebook Addiction in No Time

Personal Statement

Write down a personal statement saying you will log in only for a particular period of time everyday. Make sure you put up this statement right near your computer/laptop. Every time you go near your machine to log in, you will remember the promise you made to yourself and refrain from accessing the Internet. If you still do log in, your addiction is much more severe than you think. While writing down your statement, also write down all the disadvantages of this addiction.

Lookout for Options

Now that you have realized the severity of your addiction, take some time and look for options that you can resort to while trying to stay away from this addiction. If you want to know how to overcome Facebook addiction the easiest possible way, this might be it. Engage yourself with activities of your choice for the entire day. Call a friend you have not spoken to for sometime now, go out for coffee or ice cream, start watching your favorite movie instead, and just about anything that would occupy your mind and help you stay away from thinking about what’s happening in the virtual world of Facebook.

Set Deadlines

Another great option is to set deadlines for your work, just a tad more strict than before. This will help you in ignoring the addiction in no time, and also help you to complete your tasks earlier than necessary. As you strive to complete these deadlines, chances are you’ll be so engrossed in meeting your targets that you won’t have to think about Facebook, or anything else for that matter.

Extreme Steps

Though I wouldn’t personally recommend this, it’s the only option you’ve got, if none of the above options prove to be of help. You will have to now take some extreme steps to get rid of that addiction. Lock your machine and start using a cell phone that doesn’t technically allow you to access the Internet. Do everything possible that will help you to stay away from this website, however desperate you happen to get. If nothing else does, these extreme steps will surely be of help.

Quitting any addiction is not an easy task but with confidence and strong will power, anything is possible. However, it’s very important that you don’t live in denial, and accept the fact that you’re addicted to this website. Only then can you think of overcoming the addiction. Best of Luck!

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