How to Make Phone Calls From a Computer

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How to Make Phone Calls From a Computer

If you are clueless about the exact technique of making phone calls from any computer, with a high-speed Internet connection, you have landed on the right page. Check out the simple procedure described here, to call from your computer and save on your telephone bills.

Making phone calls from a computer is made possible by the Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology, which has revolutionized communication throughout the world. There are a number of services on the Internet, that offer free calling to mobile phones and landlines, all over the globe.

Things You’ll Need

Here is a list of all the things required, to make free phone calls over the Internet. See to it that you have all these things fixed.

High-Speed Internet Connection

This is one of the important requirements. You need to have a high bandwidth connection for a VoIP application to run smoothly.

Sound Card

This is an essential requirement for any kind of audio application. All computers come with an inbuilt sound card nowadays.

System Requirements

At least a 400 Mhz processor, 128 MB RAM, and 10 Mb of free hard disk space, will be required. In case your computer is old and does not match these hardware requirements, you will have to go for an upgrade.

Headphones with Microphone/Built-in Speakers with Microphone/Special VoIP phone

Any of these options will serve the purpose. Wireless headsets, with microphones, are most comfortable.

Web Camera (Optional)

This is an optional accessory and useful, in case you want to conduct a video chat with another person on the Internet.

Installed VoIP Software Application and Sound Card Driver

You will need software, installed by a VoIP service provider and driver software for the sound card. Any software like Skype, Google Talk, or Yahoo Messenger provides free computer-to-computer calling service, by using an email account.

Choosing a VoIP Service

Once the hardware and software requirements for VoIP service are in place, you must search for a service provider, that enables you to connect calls from your computer. All service providers provide free calls from computer to computer.

However, phone calls from a PC to landlines or mobile phones are generally not free and they cost, according to pulse rate. These rates are substantially lower than conventional telephone calling rates, in case of international calls.

So, you must subscribe with any of these VoIP service providers and create an account with a login name and password. Three of the best providers are Vonage, Ooma, and Skype.

These service providers give you a software, called a ‘soft phone’, which has a virtual keypad. You can make any number of phone calls from a computer, to almost every part of the globe, that has telephone connectivity and that too, at much cheaper rates.

The voice quality that you get from most service providers is excellent and in some cases, it’s even better than normal calling. Once you have downloaded and installed the VoIP software, you can start using the facility, by using your headset or a special VoIP phone (Internet phone), that can be connected to the computer, through a USB port.

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