How to Hook Up PS3 to Internet

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How to Hook Up PS3 to Internet

This article is for all those people who need information about how to connect the PS3 to the Internet, and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Before learning the procedure, let us just discuss the advantages of it. Apart from just playing games online, one can use this console as a substitute to a computer with the help of the facilities that it offers to the people. PS3 is not just a gaming console. One can browse the web with it, and visit all the social networking sites, just like one does with the help of a computer. Games can also be downloaded from the net, emails and important messages can be checked as well. The PS3 Internet browser also provides the latest software of flash player, with the help of which live videos can be seen, along with movies. It also helps in downloading songs and themes.

Apart from all this, the PS3 also requires frequent system updates which can be done by connecting it to the Internet. There are other gaming consoles like Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii which can also get connected to Internet, but they are mostly restricted to just gaming, and don’t have distinct features which the PS3 offers. Complete credit goes to the manufacturers, who have come up with this smart multitasking gaming console, which is apparently being loved by all the gamers across the world.

How To Hook Up a PS3 To Wireless Internet

  • To connect a PS3 to the Internet, one requires a good wireless router, which is the main source of a connection, and will act as the access point. After setting the access point, the PS3 should be switched on.
  • Once it is switched on, click on the ‘settings’ option, from there, go to ‘network settings’ option, and then click on Internet connection settings.
  • Two options will appear regarding wired and wireless connection, and if you have a router, choose the wireless option.
  • After selecting the wireless option, select scan, as the system will look for all the possible connections in its reach.
  • Choose the access point which can be accessed by you, and SSID should be checked for the same.
  • After selecting the access point, three options will be generated regarding security settings, choose the correct security setting option depending upon the access provider.
  • Once the security settings are done, it will ask for the encryption key (WEP). After the system detects the correct encryption key, all the settings will be displayed, and these settings should be saved after being checked.
  • Once the settings are saved, the connection will be tested, and your PS3 will get connected to the Internet.
  • There are chances that the connection might fail, if the signal strength is weak. One just has to wait till the signal strength becomes normal again.
  • Lastly, if it is still not connecting, instead of trying it automatically, it should be done manually by selecting the network settings options, and by choosing manual settings.

These were the steps that will help you to connect a PS3 to the Internet, and make you enjoy various benefits of online gaming, browsing, downloading songs, watching live videos, movies, reading and sending mails. In short, it will help you do all the things which can be done with the help of a computer with regards to Internet.

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