How to Hide Friends on Facebook

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How to Hide Friends on Facebook

Wondering how to hide friends on Facebook so that no one can view them? Or are you worried that someone may be snooping them out, and adding them randomly? Here’s how you can avoid people from viewing your friends list…

If you aren’t on Facebook, then that’s a crying shame.” – Self

Facebook, as anyone knows, is a portal that translates into plain genius, and has been reinventing itself since its inception in 2004. People got so used to the first layout that was programmed, that when Facebook switched to the new one, there was mutual outrage. People hated the new look, and wanted it to go back to its easy-to-use and not as messy looking homepage. Recently, Facebook upgraded itself yet again to something more classy, and easy to use, and couldn’t have outdone itself any better.

So have you been wondering how you can block strangers or those in your list from viewing others in your list of friends? Well, here’s telling you how to hide friends on Facebook, in some quick and easy steps.

How to Hide Your Friends on Facebook

I have to agree that there are people out there, who are whack jobs, who have nothing else to do on the planet than stalking the friends of another’s list, when they have no clue who they are. Above all, the amusing part is that they add these people as friends, only because you know them personally, or because they met like, one time The most pathetic of reasons is to just randomly add people to their list, hoping to build upon their number of so-called friends. To avoid people from adding your friends, and avoiding the absurdity of such a practice, check out these steps I’ve put together to protect your friends list.

Facebook settings page1

After you log yourself into Facebook, go to the extreme right of your homepage and click on the drop down arrow next to the Home tab; you’ll see it right next to the thumbnail image, and your profile name. You’ll see four options available to you, where you’ll need to click on ‘Privacy Settings‘ before it can take you to the above screenshot of the settings page. Under the topmost half of your page, you’ll see a link that directs you ‘editing your timeline info‘. When you hit this option, it will take you onward to step 2.

Facebook settings page2

The editing option opens up into a massive spread of your ‘About‘ page, where you’ll notice another drop down menu on the top left side of your page. Click on the ‘About‘ drop down arrow, and you’ll see a list of things that are already present on your profile. Click the ‘Friends‘ option, moving on to Step 3.

Facebook settings page3

The option then refreshes the page, taking you to a section dedicated entirely to editing and changing details that pertain to your friends list. You’ll notice on the top right corner, two options namely ‘Edit‘ and ‘Find Friends‘. Click on Edit; a dialog box appears giving you the option to choose who can see your friends on your profile. Click on the little icon to the right, and choose from the options that fall in line below.

Facebook settings page4

The drop down menu shows you a varied list of options, where you can choose specifically how your friends list is viewed to a second party. The ‘Custom‘ option is recommended for those who want to restrict certain individuals, from interacting/seeing your friends.

These settings will help in curbing away trouble, especially when you can do something about it. Don’t let others ruin your social networking experience with their odd behavior and intrusive advances, whereas you can see, Facebook is two steps ahead of you in assisting your needs.

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