How to Get Newspapers on iPad

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How to Get Newspapers on iPad

It is very simple to get newspapers on your iPad. All you need to do is visit the App Store and download the apps for the specific newspaper whose content you wish to view.

Once you get your newspapers on the iPad, you can truly begin to fathom the significance of this advanced tablet PC. The iPad has become a very useful device since its release in April 2010, and this is why it has sold millions of units since that time. There are a number of tasks that you can carry out on an Apple iPad, and reading newspapers is simply the tip of the iceberg.

The Apple App Store gives you more than 300,000 great apps and games to download for the iPad, and some of these apps can be used to get the latest copies of all the newspapers of your choice. The size of the iPad makes it an ideal platform to read newspapers, and it has steadily beaten down the competition of all other standalone ebook readers as well. The iPad gives you the option to read your papers in the well-known flip book style reading, and you are free to subscribe to as many as you like.

Newspapers Available on the iPad

In order to get these you simply have to download their application from the official App Store. Some of the apps may be free, whereas some may be paid, and needless to say, the paid apps will provide you with more features and offers. Installing these apps on your iPad is a very simple procedure, and you will receive the papers on a daily basis. You can even create a widget for the app on your home screen, and this will allow you to access them with the touch of a single icon.

Here are some of the best iPad applications that you can make use of, in order to get newspapers on your Apple iPad.

  • NYT Editor’s Choice: This free app gives you the latest version of the New York Times, and a paid app version is also on the way.
  • WSJ: The Wall Street Journal app costs USD 3.99 per week, and it gives you constant feeds about the latest developments, and also the latest articles of your favorite journalists.
  • USA Today: Readers of USA Today will be glad to see this free app, as it presents your favorite feeds in a great and simple manner.

Some more papers that you can enjoy on the iPad are Digital Post, News Browser, The Early Edition, ABC, TrendDesk, LA Times, Financial Times, Washington Post and many others. All of these apps can be found very easily in the Store, and then installed on your iPad.

Along with these newspapers, you can also get apps that provide you with the latest articles from various magazines like TIME, The Economist, Men’s Health, and GQ, amongst others. Radio stations like Wired also have their presence on this platform, and they regularly send out feeds for the people who make use of their apps. Most of these apps are paid apps though, but they provide great value for money. All you need to do is go to the App Store and search for these apps and then download them on to your iPad. Once this has been done, you can change the settings of the app to provide you with all the filtered news and information that you want.

The Impact of Online Journalism

Many people expected the iPad to bring about a revolution in the field of online journalism, and this is something that has been happening. The providers of news can now provide content in a more colorful and enriched manner, and they now have a proper channel to get paid by the readers as well. All this has erupted due to the magnificent abilities of the iPad, which is a far cry from people reading on their much smaller smartphone screens. These publications now offer their services at a daily or weekly rate, and they provide a plethora of options and entertainment for the user.

Almost all major newspapers from around the world are jumping on to this bandwagon now, and everyone wants to milk this opportunity that they now have. The rising number of users of the iPad mean that the revenue streams from this channel will be more than enough to sustain these applications, and this will only lead to better quality content being generated in the future.

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