How to Fix PS3 DNS Error

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How to Fix PS3 DNS Error

If you are clueless about how to fix PS3 DNS error that may crop up occasionally, this article offers you some help in solving the problem effectively. Read to know all about fixing PS3 DNS errors on your own.

Having purchased your dream gaming console – The Sony Playstation 3, you couldn’t wait to connect it and start enjoying some online gaming action with your friends, but to your dismay, the console just didn’t connect with the Internet, displaying a DNS error! If this happened with you, there’s no reason to be worried. This is an issue which can be easily solved and in this Techspirited article, I will show you how it’s done.

PS3 is one of the best seventh generation gaming consoles that is the most coveted possession of most gamers worldwide. To connect your PS3 with the Playstation Network, which is the online gaming platform created by Sony, your PS3 needs to be connected with the Internet. To establish a PS3 Internet connection, you may either use a Wi-Fi or a wired ethernet connection. For doing so, the Internet settings of the PS3 need to be configured properly.

The primary and secondary IP addresses, as well as the DNS address needs to be entered properly. Your modem must be connected to the PS3 in case of a wired ethernet connection or it needs to be connected to your wireless router over a radio link to be connected to the Internet. In case, there is any problem with the Internet configuration, the console might display a DNS error, which needs to be solved. Before outlining the action plan to solve this kind of a problem, let me explain what a DNS error means.

What Exactly is a DNS Error?

Let me define what is a DNS error, which may help you in diagnosing the reason behind the PS3 Internet connectivity problem. DNS stands for Domain Name System and it’s a system developed to translate alphabetical web addresses into IP addresses for transport of data packets over the Internet. DNS servers spread over the Internet, carry out the task of matching web addresses into IP addresses. A DNS error may be announced by the PSP when it fails to detect a DNS server because of the absence of a working Internet connection.

Fixing PS3 DNS Error

Now that you know what a PS3 DNS error means, let me present some troubleshooting suggestions to effectively deal with the problem.

A Complete PS3 Power Down & Restart

Power down your PS3, remove all connections and make them again. Then power up and connect with the Internet back again. This procedure works most of the time to fix errors, quite effectively.

Restart Modem and Try Connecting Again

One reason why the Internet connection might fail is a problem with the modem settings. Restart modem and reconnect with the Internet. This usually solves the problem immediately.

Enter the Internet Connection Settings Precisely

Configure the PS3 Internet connection back again. Get information about the correct primary and secondary addresses, along with the DNS server addresses and enter it manually in while configuring to fix the problem.

Upgrade the PS3 Firmware

One way in which you may fix this PS3 DNS error is through a firmware upgrade. This may solve any software issues that may be causing the error.

Check Out Firewall Settings

Your router Firewall might be blocking out PS3 or your wireless router may have a MAC address filter enabled, with the PS3 MAC address not entered, causing the connection problem. See to it that the firewall is not blocking PS3 and enter the MAC address of your PSP device in the filter list to fix the problem.

Check out every one of the possible problems that may lead to a PS3 DNS error, mentioned above. You are bound to find a fix for your particular problem, in the suggestions presented there. Generally a complete power down and restart of the entire system, along with the modem should solve your problem. Otherwise, update the firmware and check the Internet connection settings. Check out the online PlayStation System Software user guide provided on the Playstation website, to get more details about connecting PS3 to the Internet and dealing with DNS errors. Happy gaming!

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