How to Fix PCL XL Error

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How to Fix PCL XL Error

Printer trouble? Encountering a PCL XL error? Then, you are at the right place reading the right thing. Techspirited helps you solve the error and resume your print job.

Why the Error?

PCL stands for ‘Printer Command Language’ and was developed by Hewlett Packard. ‘XL’ refers to an enhanced version of PCL, which due to incompatibility with the computer or a communication problem can lead to the PCL XL error.

Computer errors can be really frustrating at times. Especially, an error like this wherein the printer, instead of the desired content, prints an error code. In case you are bugged with frequent printer errors (other errors), try reinstalling the printer driver. Alternately, you could also update your driver as it might be outdated.

If you are attempting to install new drivers, visit the printer manufacturer’s website and choose drivers that are compatible with your operating system (specific version). Likewise, you could also try using Windows’ troubleshooter to detect any problems with hardware, loose connections, faulty components, etc.

In case neither helps and you’re still faced with PCL XL, here’s a quick tutorial to mend the error and make your printer function correctly.

How to Fix the PCL XL Error

Printing Document

The PCL XL error would look something like this:

PCL XL error

Subsystem: Kernel

Error: IllegalAttributeValue/IllegalOperatorSequence/MissingAttribute

Operator: OperatorUnique

Position: (N)

Errors in some instances can also include warnings like insufficient memory, illegal media source, or unsupported protocol.

Step 1
If you’re running Windows 8, open the charms bar by moving the cursor to the extreme right of the screen. If you’re running other versions of Windows, navigate to the Control Panel from the Start menu.

Step 2
In Windows 8, select the ‘Settings’ option in the resulting menu. In settings, select ‘Control Panel’.

Step 3
Once in the Control Panel, click on ‘ Devices and Printers’ (‘Printers’ in some versions).

Step 4
Right click on the affected printer’s icon and select ‘Printing Preferences’.

Step 5
In printing preferences, open the ‘Advanced’ tab, and set the Print Data Optimization to ‘Optimize for Text and Vector’. Click on apply, and close this dialog box.

Step 6
Now, print a document to test the updated settings. The document should print correctly. However, if it fails, restart the printer and try again.

That’s it! Error fixed.

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