How to Eject a CD from Mac

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How to Eject a CD from Mac

If there is a disc inside the tray of your Mac, then you need to know how you can eject it. This is a simple task to accomplish, and there are many different methods to do it.

Learning how to eject a CD from Mac computers will prove very useful to you, because unlike Windows based machines, Macs do not have an eject button on the disc tray which can be used. People who are using a Mac for the first time will find this very perplexing, and they will be left clueless about what to do, until someone guides them.

There are other instances where this information may prove to be useful. It could so happen that your CD or DVD may be stuck inside the tray and you need to force eject it. Again, this is something that can be done in Windows operating system simply by pressing the eject button on the disc tray, but in a Mac this is not possible. There are some other methods that you can make use of though, in order to achieve the same purpose.

Ways to Eject a CD

  • For those who are not aware of it, there is a CD eject key on a Mac keyboard. This key is located at the upper right corner of the keyboard, and it will open your disc tray as soon as you press it.
  • When you insert a disc into a Mac, an icon appears on the desktop. All you need to do is drag this icon to the Trash, and this should make your disc tray open, thus enabling you to eject the disc.
  • You can also press the F12 key on the keyboard for a few seconds. This will take some time, but it will work.
  • Restart the machine, and keep the mouse button pressed during the entire process. Do not leave the button till the log-in screen appears, or till the tray opens. You may have to try this a few times before it actually works.
  • In another method, you can go to Apple iTunes, use the Finder to locate the CD or DVD that is in the tray, and then eject it from iTunes. There will be a button on the left, just under the name of the disc.
  • Start your Mac with Open Firmware by pressing the Option key, the Command key, the O key and the ‘F’ key upon startup. Now type “eject cd” and then press the Return key. Wait for a few seconds and your disc tray should open up.

Instead of spending a lot of money on computer repair technicians who pretty much try the same methods, you can do it at home. The Apple service centers will charge you hundreds of dollars, so it is best that you try everything you can beforehand.

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