How to Download Internet Explorer for Mac

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How to Download Internet Explorer for Mac

If you don’t know how to download Internet Explorer for Mac, you can follow the instructions given in this write-up for doing so.

If you visit the official website of Microsoft, you wouldn’t find Internet Explorer for Mac available for download. This is due to the fact that the agreement between Apple and Microsoft regarding the Microsoft IE Mac edition ended way back in 2003. At one time, the IE Mac edition was the default browser for all the Apple computers. Initially, it had the same code base as the Internet Explorer Windows edition, however, Microsoft later came up with a unique layout engine for the Mac edition of Internet Explorer.

In 2003, Apple brought its own web browser (Safari) and terminated its agreement with Microsoft. However, some Mac users still want to download IE Mac edition. Most of them are web designers and developers who need all the browsers for conducting cross-browser testing of their websites and apps. Let’s learn about the process of downloading IE for Macintosh computers.

Can You Download IE for Mac?

Yes, you can download the IE Mac edition. However, it is not available on the official Microsoft website. So, there are other places where you can download IE for Mac. There are some websites that are specifically aimed at aggregating and providing old apps and software. Old apps is one such website. Free software download websites like softpedia or download.cnet may also provide some versions of IE for Mac.

How to Download

You can look up a website that has IE Mac edition available for download and follow the instructions there, or you can download it from the old apps website. There is another way of doing it, and that involves using an app called wineBottler. It is an app that converts Windows apps into apps that can used on Mac. Just download (google it) wineBottler and launch it. Now, look for the option ‘install predefined prefixes’ and click on it. Choose the version of IE that you want to install. Now, assign a location for the installation on your Mac and install it.

Not all the IE versions work with stability on the Mac; you should avoid the version 8 of the software. If you just want to test your websites in IE, you could use websites like browsershots that show you screenshots of your websites in many different web browsers. You can also choose to install the last supported version of Internet Explorer for Mac, which was Internet Explorer 5. You could get this version from oldapps.

There are many ways in which you can test your website in different browsers. However, if you want to personally test your website in all the browsers along with its usability and accessibility, you can try using the aforementioned methods to download and install IE for Mac. As for browsing, there are several better alternatives to IE that give you a better speed and browsing experience.

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