How To Copy Xbox 360 Games To Hard Drive

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How To Copy Xbox 360 Games To Hard Drive

In this article we tell you how you can save yourself from the heartache of spending a bomb on a gaming disc for Xbox 360 that has been ruined by copying it onto your hard drive.

If you own a Xbox 360 gaming console, then you need to know how to copy games to a hard drive. While Xbox 360 games are awesome fun, it comes at a heavy price as the discs of these games are pretty expensive. In such a case a damaged disc can cause a lot of heartache and pain and also a huge hole in your pocket. While learning how to fix scratched Xbox 360 disc is one way to solve your problem, a preventive measure could be to create backups of the games on your hard drive by learning how to copy games straight to your hard drive.

Once you have copied the Xbox 360 games on your hard drive, in case of any damage, you always have your original CD as a backup. This backup is great in a scenario where purchasing games is becoming pretty much unaffordable for the average gamer. You should know that in case you are learning how to burn Xbox 360 games that it is legal to make a backup copy of a game you own only if it is intended for personal use. In case you make back up copies of these games for profit, then you are violating copyright laws which can land you in a whole lot of trouble.

Copying Xbox 360 Games To Hard Drive

In order to learn how to copy Xbox 360 games for free, all you need is a DVD burner and a software that allows you to burn games. The process of burning Xbox 360 games on the DVD does not take much effort at all. In fact the entire process is very similar to burning a CD; the only difference in the process being that in this case you need a software to copy the game on to your hard drive. This is because most Xbox 360 games come with a protection that limits the software on your PC to copy the game.

You will therefore need to get a software that will allow you to learn the process. The first step in the process is to install the software for copying the game on your computer. Next, you will need a blank DVD to make a copy of the game on. Take the original disc of the game. When you installed the gaming software you would have added an icon for the same on your desktop. Click on this icon and when you are asked to insert the original game disc, do so. Next, just follow the easy instructions that will be displayed to you.

Once the game has been copied you can insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner and you can make a copy of the Xbox 360 game. Many people amongst us have the tendency to store the backup copy after learning how to burn games for free. Store the original game and use the backup to play games as that is the disc that needs protection. Before storing the original game disc, ensure that the copy of the game functions well.

Learning how to copy Xbox 360 games to a hard drive is also a good idea, as that allows you to play a game with enhanced graphics and at a faster speed. Almost every Microsoft Xbox 360 now comes equipped with a hard drive and you can install these games. Playing these games though still need you to possess a CD of the game which is why it is important to have backups. Doing this will ensure that even if your game disc gets damaged, your investment is safe.

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