How to Copy PS3 Games to a Hard Drive

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How to Copy PS3 Games to a Hard Drive

If you are looking for guidelines on copying PS3 games to a hard drive, this article is a must read. Read to know all about it.

The Sony Playstation 3 is one of the best gaming consoles ever produced till date, with several features that include a 3.2 GHz CPU, a 320 GB hard drive, and a top-of-the-line graphics card. What sets it apart is the range of PlayStation 3 (PS3) games, which are mind-boggling and severely addictive to say the least.

Virtual reality was never so alluring, as it is today, in this age of seventh-generation gaming consoles. With the amount of money you pay for buying PS3 games, it’s essential that you back them up on your hard drive or burn them on other drives.

You need to know that all PS3 game disks are now available only as Blu-ray discs. So the DVD writer, installed on your computer is useless, as far as copying them to a hard drive is concerned. You need to install a Blu-ray writer to be able to access the files on these game disks.

Another issue is the fact that copying these games to your hard drive and making copies is a violation of copyright.

I shall discuss the procedure for copying, in good faith, that you plan to use this information to back up your games. Any attempts to sell or distribute their copies is considered illegal.

Copying the Games to Your Hard Drive

Even if you have to just copy these games to a hard drive and not make copies, you will need to get a Blu-ray writer to read the files and a special software that can override the write protection to copy the files.

There are several software programs that can get past the copyright protection and copy the games onto your computer hard drive. One of the most programs used for the purpose is ‘Easy Backup Wizard’, which comes with a price tag of USD 59, but it’s currently available for a discounted price of USD 29. Another program that you could use is ImgBurn. Download any one of these programs and install it on your PC. Also install the Blu-ray writer hardware, if you don’t have it already. Get a few blank Blu-ray disks too.

Once this is done, load the Blu-ray disc and open the Easy Backup Wizard software. Use the copying features provided in it, to back up the game on your computer hard drive. Once you have copied the game to the hard drive, use the same program to burn the games on to another Blu-ray disk. With that, your objective has been accomplished.

Though it may cost you a lot to just get hold of the Blu-ray writer, considering the amount of money you spend on the original game disks, it is definitely worth the effort. Just keep in mind, what I talked about, right at the start. Use the copyright override software only to back up your games and do not resort to selling those Blu-ray disks, as it is seen as piracy, which is punishable by law.

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