How to Convert SWF to FLV

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How to Convert SWF to FLV

If you are looking for information on converting swf files to flv video format, then this article will be helpful. Read to know about both these video formats and how interconversion between the two can be made possible.

With a plethora of video formats available, one has to convert and encode video files of various types. This article talks about SWF to FLV format conversion.

About SWF

The acronym SWF stands for ‘Small Web Format’. It also alternatively stands for ‘Shockwave Flash’. It is the dominant type of video format, when it comes to displaying animation or vector graphics on the Internet platform. It is controlled by Adobe now, but it was originally conceived by FutureWave Software. This format has another prime application in the form of video games, built using a scripting language called ‘ActionScript’. Files of this format can be created using two types of Adobe software programs; Flash and Flex Builder.

The unique feature about SWF files is that they can be used to create a self-running movie, known as a ‘projector’, by encapsulating with a player. Web browsers can play these files by using a plug-in, supplied by Adobe. An open source media player called ‘Gnash’ has been developed quite recently.

About FLV

The FLV or flash video format is an established container file format, used to display videos on the Internet. They are mostly played using the Adobe flash player plug-in. One thing that makes it easier to convert SWF to FLV is the fact that both these file formats use similar types of audio and video encoding. FLV videos are the established format for most of the popular video-sharing sites. It is the most widely used video file format on the Internet.

Conversion Technique

Platform independence is something of a myth, when it comes to audio and video file formats. Each company comes up with its own video format and it is generally, only compatible with players developed by them. That is why, format incompatibility problems crop up. Of course, where there is a software problem, there is scope for the development of another software to solve it.

That is where video converter programs come in. Many software companies have recognized this incompatibility problem and have come up with solutions in the form of converter programs. These third-party video convector programs can easily convert SWF to FLV format and also make other conversions like these.

Using freeware programs like ‘Iwisoft Flash SWF’ and ‘SWF Video Converter Pro’, the required format conversion can be achieved. To carry out conversion between these two file formats, here is what you’ll have to do. Open the Google search engine and type the names of any of these two software programs. You will get search results, among which there will product sites, with download links for these software programs. Navigate to such a page and click on the ‘Download’ link provided. A window will open, asking for permission to download a binary file. Permit the download and select download location. Then, the download should begin and be completed, depending on your Internet bandwidth and size of file. Once it has downloaded, just double click on the file to start installation. Once installed, you can easily convert files using any of the two software programs.

There are certain sites which can convert the files online. That is, you upload files to the site and it provides a conversion facility. You can avail any of these options and solve your video format compatibility problem.

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