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How to Convert AVI to DVD

How to Convert AVI to DVD

If you want to watch an AVI file format movie on a DVD player, then you will need to convert the format of the file. In this article, we give you easy instructions on how to go about this process.
Tulika Nair
One of the most common multimedia formats that is used today is the AVI format. Most digital video recorders and cameras record clips are in the AVI format and this is the perfect option if you are planning to view the files on a computer. But what if the same video needs to be viewed via a DVD player? Well, that is where the problem generally arises. Most DVD players in the market do not support the AVI file format and therefore, it becomes necessary to convert the file.

AVI is the abbreviation for Audio Video Interleave, a multimedia file format that was launched by Microsoft in the year 1992. AVI was developed as an integral part of the Video for Windows technology to facilitate digital video playing with synchronized audio and video playback. DVD is a media format used for optical disk storage, that was developed three years after the launch of AVI. This format was developed by several companies like Sony, Toshiba, Philips, and Time Warner in collaboration.

The Process of Conversion

The easiest way to burn AVI to DVD is to use a video converter. Most conversion software that are available are very easy to use and the actual process of conversion of formats takes just a click of the button. Just do a quick search on the best converters for your use and you will get several options. Roxio Easy Made Creator, Nero, Pinnacle, and Magix are some of the best video converters in the market that you can use.

Once you have downloaded the software, install it on your computer. You will then need to change the settings of the program according to your needs. Do not stress about this as the converter will come with a guide that will take you through the entire process. Just follow the instructions and you will figure out how to convert the file. Insert a blank DVD in the drive of your computer. You will need to select the AVI files that you want to convert by either browsing for them or simply dragging and dropping the files. The program you are using will constantly prompt you about the steps that need to be followed. It will also keep you informed about the available space on the DVD. Next you will need to select the option to start the process of burning in order to start the conversion process. Once the program indicates that the process is complete, you can simple remove the DVD from your computer and check it.

Many of the video converters in the market will work for both PAL and NTSC video types. If your AVI video has sub-titles, then there are converters that will be able to handle this as well and sub-title your DVD format file for you. You can also create chapters and select the picture output that you want. While downloading free software, it is advisable to download a few options as it is possible that they may not work perfectly.