How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV

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How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV

If you are absolutely clueless about connecting wireless headphones to TV sets and enjoy your favorite shows without disturbing anyone around, this article will be a helpful read. Here I also guide you on how to choose the right pair of wireless headphones.

It’s late night, your favorite TV show is on, but you have to listen to it with the volume turned down way too low, as people are sleeping! What a real bummer that is! If only you had a pair of wireless headphones, which could let you enjoy your favorite sitcom or DVD movie at the right volume. The world’s unplugging fast and most gadgets, once tethered by wires have now been liberated to go wireless.

This includes headphones, which can let you have an unmatched surround sound experience while watching your favorite movies, sitcoms or listening to your favorite artists. You can enjoy your music at high volume, without bothering anybody around you. These headphones are also ideal for seniors with hearing problems. Having recently gifted such a pair to my grandpa and having installed it, I can tell you a thing or two about it.

About Wireless Headphones and How to Choose Them

Knowing a bit about how wireless headphones work, will help you choose the right one and figure out how to use them. Wireless or cordless headphones provide the same functionality of their wired counterparts without being tethered to devices.

The sound is transmitted from source to headphone over an electromagnetic frequency. You can wear one and move around in your house listening to music, without disturbing anyone. There are three primary types of wireless headphones to choose from, which include those based on a radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR) and Bluetooth link. If you are looking for portable headphones that work with your iPod or car music player, go for Bluetooth wireless headphones.

For TV and music systems, RF or IR wireless headphones are ideal. Among them, radio frequency wireless headphones are the best if you are looking for long range. Check out and compare wireless TV headphone reviews, before choosing the one that best suits you.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV Easily?

Assuming that you’ve already purchased a set, let me walk you through the connection procedure to tune your wireless headphones with the TV audio output. A typical set will contain a wireless headphone with rechargeable batteries, a transmitter station, several connection cables and power adapters to provide the transmitter station with power. Here is a step by step guide on connecting wireless headphones with HDTVs.

Step 1: Power Up Transmitter and Charge Headphone Battery

Position the transmitter station close to your television, so that it can be easily connected. Plug in the adapter into a wall socket and connect with the transmitter to supply power. Switch on the transmitter and place the headphones upon them, as shown in the manual, to charge the battery. Thus, transmitters also function as charging devices. Let the headphones rest there and their battery be fully charged for some time.

Step 2: Connect the RCA Cables

Now observe the back panel of your TV and look for white and red ‘Audio Out’ ports. Also locate the RCA input on the wireless transmitter station. Now select RCA cables with red and white plugs, that come with the set. There will be two (red and white) plugs on one side of the cable and one plug at the other end. Insert the red plug into the red connector and white plug into the white connectors at the back of your TV, insert the other end of the plug into the transmitter. In case your TV has a headphone audio output, use the appropriate other cable supplied with the set, to connect the headphone port on TV, with that on the transmitter. In case you have a set top box based satellite TV system, the transmitter should be connected with the audio output of the box.

Step 3: Switch on and Tune Headphones

Once you are done with the above connections and the headphones have sufficiently recharged, simply switch them on, put them on your ears, adjust the volume and switch on your TV. As soon as you do so, the headphones should provide you with clear sound, having been automatically tuned to the transmitter frequency. Enjoy listening to your favorite TV shows without being bothered by anybody about the ‘Loud Volume’!

When you make the connections and start using the headphones, you’ll wish you would have gotten them sooner. Anyway, better late than never! In case you still have any doubts about how to make the connection between your wireless headphones and your TV, I suggest that you read the manual provided with the headphones in more detail. All you have to figure out is, which wires to use to connect the transmitter with the TV. You can find these manuals online on the headphone brand’s website.

As discussed before, in most cases the RCA cables should do the trick. Having used them, I particularly recommend Sennheiser wireless headphones as they provide impeccable sound quality and are extremely easy to set up. Then again, you could also choose from other good brands, which include Sony, Acoustic Research, Motorola or Clarion. Enjoy your unplugged television experience!

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