How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

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How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

Many times, we tend to ignore the importance of cleaning a laptop. Keeping a laptop clean can make it more efficient and therefore better equipped for our usage. In the following article, we will go through some tips for cleaning a laptop keyboard well enough.

Yes, we know your laptop is literally an extension of yourself. You live, eat and sleep with it. Why not you say. The laptop has been a loyal friend where many others have chosen to let go (probably cause of the laptop obsession). So you love it to pieces, granted, but are you keeping it clean? Sure, you might be wiping the screen clean and keeping it in cloth wraps, but what about the keyboard? Do you clean the keyboard of all its grime? You do know that the dust that collects, if not cleaned, can over time, harm the laptop pretty bad right? No? OK, so now you know. And what happens if the laptop suffers a spill? There’s no need to panic, read the tips we’ll give you on how to clean a laptop keyboard and just follow suit.

Cleaning Keyboard Keys

So let me guess, you usually take a small duster or brush and brush your keyboard keys clean – right? That would clean the surface of the keys no doubt, but what about the crevices and nooks on the sides of the keys or the under side? It’s easy to clean laptop keyboard keys when you know the correct way of doing it. Here’s how.

With the Keys in Place

  • The easiest way to clean the laptop computer keyboard keys is to use a can of compressed air. Take the can, blow between the keys and the dust will simply be blown out.
  • The other way to clean the keys is to simply turn the keyboard over and gently tap it several times for the collected dust to come out. But this does not ensure a thorough cleaning.
  • Remove the cover of the laptop and using a hairdryer blow wind on it. The dust will be gone.

With the Keys Removed

If the keyboard has not been cleaned for a long time then there are chances that it will have collected layers of dust, grease and grime. And cleaning the laptop with the keys intact won’t help. In such a situation the only thing that can be done is to remove the keys and clean under the surface.
To do this:

  • Use a small knife or screwdriver and pop off all the keys.
  • Do not use excess force or it will damage the keys. The keys will pop out by themselves with the slightest of pressure. So ensure that you use controlled pressure to do the same.
  • Place these keys in lukewarm water that has been mixed with mild detergent.
  • Let them soak for sometime.
  • Each key has a small rubber attached to it. Be careful not to lose this while cleaning or soaking. It will be helpful if the rubbers are kept in a separate container of detergent water themselves.
  • Replace these with clean ones whenever they get dirty.
  • Move on to the keyboard next. Take a damp cotton (Make sure it isn’t wet) and wipe the entire keyboard clean.
  • Next, take the cotton and dip it in a solution of rubbing alcohol and repeat the same procedure.
  • Then take a solution of lighter fluid and clean the keyboard thoroughly from all sides.
  • It is important to clean all the crevices, nooks and corners and every side of the laptop. Only then will it be clean.
  • These steps will also help in cleaning laptop keyboard spills like coffee or cola.(There you go! Happy?)
  • If it becomes difficult to use the cotton to clean all the sides, then cotton swabs or tweezers can also be used.
  • Once the keyboard is completely clean, move on to the keyboard keys. Remove these keys from the water that they were soaked in and run them under water.
  • This will get rid of the loosened grime.
  • Then take a small toothbrush and rub the dirt till it goes completely.
  • After the keys have been cleaned, place them on a towel for the water to drain out.
  • The rubbers that were soaked in a separate container should be washed with light hands and then dried on a towel as well.
  • To lubricate the keys use any dry film lubricant.
  • Do this after the keys have been placed upside down. Lubricate them on all sides.
  • Do not dip it with the lubricant as this will damage the key. Simply coat and let dry.
  • Use the same technique with the keyboard as well, after you have carefully covered the screen.
  • Then assemble the rubbers at the back of the keys and attach them back on to the keyboard.

Cleaning the Rest

The ‘cleaning a laptop’ bit does not stop at merely the keyboard and the keys. The other parts need to be cleaned as well. To clean the areas surrounding the drives and the different ports, use a can of compressed air again. This should be used while applying minimal pressure, as applying extra pressure from very close to the computer can harm it. For the surface, a damp cloth that has been dipped in mild detergent can be used.

Cleaning the Screen

  1. Prepare a solution of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in a 50/50 ratio. Alternately, vinegar and distilled water used in the same ratio also works.
  2. Take a cotton cloth and dip it in the solution. Then squeeze it so that all the extra liquid is drained out and the cloth only remains slightly damp.
  3. Never use a tissue paper to clean the screen. So also, never use tap water for the same.
  4. Take the cloth that was dipped in the solution and using gentle strokes clean the screen in circular motions.
  5. Avoid using products that have ammonia in them. Also never spray the screen directly with any sort of liquid.

So then pamper your laptop with these tips on how to clean a laptop keyboard and let the love affair continue.

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