How to Charge a Phone With No Charger in Times of an Emergency

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How to Charge a Phone with No Charger

Charging a phone with no charger may seem impossible to many. Yet, there are a few ways to do so and they have been rightly discussed in the following article.

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When I faced a life and death situation after my cell phone battery was dead, I searched frantically for a charger. As I was away from home, there was not a single person in the office I didn’t ask for a charger. Unfortunately, those who had a charger, did not have the right model for my phone. This is when a smart guy from the computer network department came to my rescue. He helped resuscitate my dead cell phone battery and bring my phone back to life. He showed me some useful ways to charge the phone without a charger.

There are many ways to charge your phone without a charger. One of the ways is to use a low voltage charger that comes with alligator clamps. Hook them up with the battery and charge up you cell phone. However, there are plenty of risks involved with this method, like the battery could burst into flames or you can get the shock of your life! So, I’ll just skip the dangerous part and move on to some safer and easier options.

Laptop and USB Cord

One of the simplest and easiest ways to charge your cell phone battery is by hooking it up to a laptop. All you need for this is a USB cord and a laptop. Once you do so, your cell phone will draw power from the laptop battery and charge itself. So, if you are running out of the precious bars of your cell phone battery power, search for someone with a laptop and ask him/her to hook up the phone to the laptop with a USB cable. Your phone will be charged in no time.

USB Cable

Just a USB cable can also help you charge your cell phone if you don’t have a charger. You need to find a really old USB cable and use it to charge your phone. Use a pair of pliers or a sharp knife, and remove the plastic casing from the side that does not fit into the computer. Once you remove the casing, you need to separate out the wires. Now, find the red and black wires from the four wires and remove the insulation covering from them. Now, connect the cell phone battery with the wires. You need to place the red wire near the (+) point and the black wire near the (-) point of the battery. Then, place the battery into the phone and make sure the wire is stuck between the wire and phone. Now, connect the USB cable to the computer and allow the battery to drain charge from it. This is a great way to charge your battery in office when you do not have a charger around.

Some say that you can remove your battery from the cell phone and rub it on a cloth, which will cause static charge. The static energy will warm your battery by friction, which will cause it to get a small amount of charge, enough to make an emergency call. You can try this option if you do not have a USB cable, laptop, or computer nearby. So, the next time you run out of battery power, make sure you have a spare battery with you or at least have a USB cable to help you charge your phone.

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