How Does MagicJack Work

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How Does MagicJack Work

How does MagicJack work? Just glance through this article to know all about this "wonder device" that promises to change the way you communicate, forever!

In the present day scenario, technology is moving at such a fast pace that almost every day we come across something new being invented. The rapid advancement in the field of technology has had its effects on each and every aspect of our daily life. Communication is one such example. Even a few decades ago, the only way in which we could stay in touch with our loved ones, was the telephone. However, the introduction of the first mobile phone in the US in 1983, brought about a radical change. It made communication more accessible and effective.

Although exorbitantly priced in the beginning, the mobile phone gradually came to be accepted and became hugely popular. Today, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who does not own a cell phone. With the advent of the Internet, came the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Internet telephony. The concept behind it is to transfer communication services through the Internet, which ultimately reduces the communication cost. The MagicJack is a VoIP service provider in the US and Canada. Wondering how MagicJack works? Read on…

What is a MagicJack?

It is a small device that connects your phone to a PC or a laptop via a standard RJ-11 phone jack. It is very easy to install a MagicJack. It can be easily plugged into the USB port of your computer. You will get a MagicJack number that is different from your present landline number. You can then make calls using your phone. The MagicJack also enables you to make calls using the computer speakers or headphones. It is available for all Windows versions and also for the Mac operating system. The most important feature of the MagicJack is that it is cost-effective.

It helps you to save on your telephone bills. Moreover, it offers you all the features, which a standard landline connection does. You can avail of features such as caller ID, call conferencing, call waiting and call forwarding. You can even dial emergency numbers, including 911. The voice quality is good and you’ll feel as if you’re on a traditional landline network. Just plug in the device in the USB port of a computer, connect to the Internet, and you can make free outgoing calls to any phone in the US and Canada. What’s more, you can make free outgoing calls to MagicJacks in any part of the world.

Working of MagicJack

The MagicJack adapter converts your telephonic conversation into digital information and this information is routed over the Internet, using VoIP technology. The VoIP software allows you to make calls using the Internet at very nominal rates. The packet switching feature of the Internet used by this software, makes it possible to decrease the size of each call so that several calls can be accommodated in a given space in the circuit-switched network. The entire process takes place in several steps.

The steps are as follows:

  • When you pick up the phone to make a call, a signal is transmitted to the analog adapter of the MagicJack.
  • Once you are connected to the Internet, you will hear a dial tone that is sent by the adapter.
  • When you dial your friend’s number, the MagicJack adapter will convert the tones of your landline or cordless phone into digital data, and this data will be stored temporarily.
  • MagicJack has a call processor, which will receive data related to your friend’s phone number and will check if it is valid.
  • The phone number will then be converted to an IP address by a process known as mapping.
  • A signal will then be sent on to the receiver’s MagicJack adapter and your friend will receive an incoming call.
  • If your friend answers the call, a session will be established between both the systems, provided you both use the same protocol.
  • The adapters connected to both the systems, will translate the packet data into analog audio signals that you can hear.
  • If and when you disconnect the call, the circuit is closed and the session will get terminated.

The MagicJack is priced reasonably at $40, which includes unlimited calls across the US and Canada for a year. After a year, you pay $20 annually to continue the service. You can even choose to pay $70 for a five-year subscription. Thus, using MagicJack is a great way to make huge savings on your monthly telephone bill.

However, since this service uses the VoIP principle, you will not be able to make calls when your PC is switched off or when there is a power failure. You need a live Internet connection to be able to use this service but in case your computer is switched off and someone calls you on your number, you will receive an email from the MagicJack voice mail service, notifying you of the same. This service has no provision for number portability, that is, you cannot use your existing landline number with MagicJack. Also, not all handsets are compatible and it does not support text or multimedia messaging services. These are some of the common disadvantages of MagicJack.

Have you been thinking of throwing away your landline because of the towering telephone bills? A MagicJack will help you reconnect with your friends and add a touch of “magic” to your life!

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